Best foot forward

Graymire - 16th February - Evening

Connor turned and took Emma's hands in his own. "Please stay out here with Gill. I think this is something I need to do alone." He looked down at Gill who nodded approvingly. He turned, took a deep breath, and entered the tent. It was dark, save a few lamps and a small fire which was brewing some foul tea. The room was a mix of excrement, drug vapors, and a flurry of other smells Connor wished he had forgotten from his time in the pits as a child. And that's when it hit him...

He entered, knelt on both knees, and bowed his head to the chief of the elders whom clearly had the seat of authority in the room. "Mi petegas vian helpon, honorata patro," (Randomly chose Esperanto... "I beseech your help, honored father") he said, hoping the memories of his youth wouldn't perturb the tongue he used to know and use so fluently.

Not rising, he took off his jacket and undid his shirt, tossing them aside. He stood and turned slowly, to show all in the room his tattoos, earned from a youth spent in the fighting pits, tattoos only Emma had seen and only once aside from any other creature in the last 15 years. Connor spied a younger of the Ashen in the room clearly take offense at the array of skulls. Another, was clearly musing over the opportunities of a man of his history might offer them. A third, like the second, thought of the way they could profit from turning in a deserter and escapee. Years of learning people's tells at the card table gave them all away. All except the one who mattered most. He was the oldest and senior among them, his own tattoos giving that away, and befitting his position, he sat still as a statue at the display.

Connor took his shirt and put it back on and then his coat. Continuing in a more common tongue, "You now know who I am, what I'm capable of, and what I'm worth to any variety of people. I offer myself freely, I am in your hands, and while I've 'played my hand' as it is, I beg one favor in exchange for my life... help us, no... help her find the woman she loves. That's it. That's all that matters."

(OCC-Sorry it's so short, but I'd prefer a moderator makes the call on how the Elder Ashen reacts - in ANY way; good, bad, or ugly for Connor. Also, I'm still waiting on any response to this post on Abigail's thread.)

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