Converging on the Deep

Josiah ran accross the room and tore away the bloodied corpse. Grimacing as the ruined flesh and thick red liquids trailed accross the bed and floor. He was no stranger to gruesome sights and had probably inflicted equally horrific damage on others during his time but never for such an unthinkable purpose. To feed.

He stepped back from Abilgail his eyes filled with horror and fear. She still sat there with that pleading look of desire and he fought not to turn away as she popped fingers thick with blood into her mouth and licked them clean.

"What were you thinking?" He said in a low careful voice.

She frowned and for the first time doubt seemed to enter her voice.

"I.... the child needs nourishment and I was growing so weak. Oh God' was right wasn't it? I had to, I have to feed to stay strong for our child."

The thought of his child being sustained through such a sick act forced bile to Josiahs throat and he turned away for a moment before answering.

"You do what you must. We all do."

There came a sudden rap on the door and they both looked up eyes wide.

"Wait." Josiah called out, his voice strong with command. He scrambled around them grabbing sheets to cover the body and the blood. He threw a sheet to Abigail.

"Pretend that you sleep damn it. You are heavy with child. It will not be doubted."

She looked ready to argue but instead gave a short nod and covered herself and her crimes with the thick woollen sheets.

"Come in." Josiah called at last, with the worst of the macabre scene covered over.

The door burst open and a young man all but fell through the opening.

"Sir." He started looking around the room with a frown.

"Spit it out boy." Josiah commanded and the lad swallowed before complying.

"The Elesians sir. They are attacking the main gates in ernest. We have the numbers but they are well armed and it is only a matter of time before they are through."

"Hold as long as you can." Josiah ordered as he marched towards the door. He peered over the lad into the corridor beyond.

"Fetch the girl Serenity. Her mistress needs her."

The lad darted away and Josiah closed the door behind him. He took a deep breath to steady his nerves. He had been waiting for this day. The Elesians had been testing them before now. Unwilling to risk their numbers should the battle turn against them. The Delve was not capable of surviving a sustained assault. He had to flee. He had to get to the Ashen tunnels the men spoke of and somehow get Abigail and his child to safety.

Somehow they needed to get back to Dusk.

OOC: sorry for the long silence on Maelstrom. There is life in the old girl yet, I just had me a little Steampunk writers block. Several more posts to follow to bring things up to date.

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