What Lies Beneath

What Lies Beneath
Fitz lay awake, unable to sleep while his friends had passed out from fatigue and injuries. Every moment that passed he expected to stop hearing their ragged breaths.
His mind wandered through recent events. He wished he had fought harder for them to stay in the Upper Delve. He wondered what had happened to Phyz and Syren, hoping they had made it out ok.
"My friend..help me."
Jolted back into the present, he turned to see Tezla trying to move Fiasco.
"What are you doing Tez? He shouldn't be moved in his condition."
Trying to get Tezla away proved more difficult than he thought, some berserk strength driving the crazed man.
"We need to find more. More flagesium! The gift of the earth and the heavens will save him!"
Finally wrestling him away, Fitz slapped Tezla to get his attention.
"Fiasco is dying! Flagesium will only kill him faster, although I am pretty sure the very air here is choked with it."
He realized his mistake too late as the thaumaturgist's eyes lit up.
"Fitz you genius! It should work no matter where we are here!"
"What will work? Now of all times man, make some sense!"
Chuckling as he went back to sit next to Fiasco, cradling the man's head for a moment.
"It will bring him back."
Confused, he felt cold as the realization came. He hadn't even noticed.
"Tez. There is no coming back."
"Yes there is! We did it once, together. It will happen again."
Then Fitz noticed the walls, all dug into to reveal glimmering pieces of flagesium.
"You truly are mad! That was a freak accident! Trying to use this much raw flagesium will not only kill you, but you could bury who knows how much of this place. Fiasco said there were others here, maybe they can help us."
Looking at him, tears streamed down Tezla's face.
"He needs to come back. We have always been a team."
Fitz wanted dearly to help Tezla, to follow his leader in his endless belief of the unknown and impossible.
"Stay here and watch over him. I will find those that live down here and we can beg them to help, ok?"
Talking calmly, he was relieved to see Tezla slowly nod as he stroked Fiasco's hair.
With his eyes having adjusted to the dim light of the tunnels, Fitz found it much easier to traverse the labyrinth. Every few feet, he chipped at the walls in order to find the dull glow of flagesium, planning on using them a markers.
“Hello? Is there anyone nearby? We need your help!”
Hearing his echoes return to him gave him little hope, but a dull determination pushed him onwards.
He felt like he had been wandering for hours and was about to return, when he was met by a blast of wind, followed by the earth above him collapsing.
At the rim of the Maw, several guards made their rounds, each one hoping that whatever menace lay below would wait for the next shift to attack, as it had been for several days now.
It would seem this day however, they had picked the short straw, as a deafening groan came from the hole, then its borders expanded as tons of earth tore away and into the darkness.
For those that would survive the collapse, they would not know mercy as a glowing figure emerged from the pit, chunks of flagesium embedded within it.
The time for penance has come. The Maelstrom will see its true children rise above those that have abused them
The sounds of the men's screams were then mixed with the horrific screech of lightning.

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