What Comes Up

After watching their friends disappear into the darkness, Phyz and Syren had to quickly flee, lest they feel the wrath of the little bitch that would come to rule the Delve. After years of hiding, it wasn't too hard to vanish into the mayhem that ensued.
Meeting in Fitz's old hovel, they were clueless on where to go from here.
"Nothing should be stopping us from getting to the surface, there are Ashen still down here that will help us."
Shaking his head, Phyz heaved a sigh.
"No dice, the Elysians have taken Graymire. We are trapped down here. By the Storm! I shouldn't have listened to that crackpot."
Syren motioned as if to say something but couldn't find the words. It had been a mistake for them to leave their lives in order to follow Tezla, although..
"If we hadn't, we would have been killed fighting Elysians."
Walking over to where Phyz was angrily tearing material to feed their dismal fire, Syren sat next to him and rested her head against his arm.
"Sam, we can still do something here. With Elysians at our door and a madwoman ruling the roost, I dare say that there could be a little bit of mayhem left for us yet."
At first continuing to grumble, Phyz gradually lost his anger, instead finding some comfort in her words.
"You know, this is why everyone called you Mother Em when we were kids."
Laughing as she punched him, Syren was about to retort when they heard a low groan seemingly coming from beneath them, then heard a massive boom.
"Well well, Mayhem was looking for us after all!"
Returning to the shanty town, the two were met with chaos. Town guards were fighting a losing battle against Elesians, while farther off a sickish green explosion could be seen.
“Where do we stand?”
Syren grabbed Phyz’s arm and took them through the flimsy buildings, many of them simply falling over as they traveled. Hounds weaved in and out of the streets, trying to tear through the Mechs acting as the Elysians front line. Limb and blood from both sides were strewn about, almost causing bile to join them when Syren stepped on several.
She stopped them to catch their breath in the shack they had first used when they had arrived.
“That wasn’t an answer.”
Taking her time to get air, Syren looked at Phyz with a worn face of irritation.
“We are on our side. Get up top and see what is happening there, then we can at least get to our places and get some gear.”

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