Such a waste

Within a short time, Serenity joined Abigail and after throwing up at the scene, proceeded to clean up both messes. Abigail looked on painfully. "Such a waste," she said.

"Yes, the loss of human life, is regrettable in all circumstances," Serenity replied.

"No, that's not what I meant," Abigail replied. "I could have drank that blood too though... how would I have gotten it off the floor?" She paced pondering it, neglecting the depravity of it. Serenity just stared in shock at her. "Oh, I know, I could have mopped it up and ran it through a cheesecloth or something like that. That would have strained out the dirt from the floor. Would you be a dear and hand me an arm before you get rid of the rest of him? I think I left one untouched."

Serenity went to vomit again, but her stomach was empty and she just dry heaved. "Miss, you shouldn't eat people, it's not natural."

Much quicker than usual, Abigail was at her, throat in hand. "You'll mind your place, little lady or find yourself in his situation. Now, fetch me that arm before I decide yours looks more appealing."

Serenity shuddered and handed the arm over to Abigail, who began to nibble on it like one would a shank of meat. What was going on? Serenity didn't know how to get rid of a body... or parts of a body anyway. She opted to wrap a leg up in a dirty sheet and carry it out, then make several trips like this until all that remained was the torso, which was much harder, but she managed.

By the time she'd finished, Abigail had finished the arm but now she looked as drawn and pale. "I need more," Abigail said.

"No mum, no more, please," Serenity said.

"Please, Serenity... for the baby..."

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