Slip Between the Lines

The caverns shook as Elesian munitions were detonated at the Delve entrance. Emma reached over and grasped Connors arm. He flinched and then forced himself to relax as he turned back to look at her. Ever since he had returned from the Ashen tent he had been quiet, sullen even. It was as if her were at war with himself. He would not speak of what went on during his meeting with the elder but she had the feeling that the matter was not ended.

"The Elesians begin their attack." Connor commented as several of their Ashen guides tracked ahead. There came a sharp snarl and then a high pitched keening sound as they dispatched a wandering Delve hound. The third in the past hour. What ever Connor did to attain the aid of these men had saved them several times over already and for that she was grateful.

The child Gill walked behind them, seemingly unconcerned by the Ashen or their gloom back entrance into the mines. He did not blink when the cavern began to shake and he did not jump when the Dark hounds leapt from the shadows. He was serene.. focused. The Ashen gave the boy a wide berth and from time to time Emma caught them making a warding sign if he looked in their direction.

"Are you alright Gill?" Emma asked, more to make the boy speak than anything. His silence was becoming unnerving.

"Yes. Thank you, I am well." he paused for a moment then as he looked far off to the right as if staring through the stone at some distant sight. At length he spoke,

"Something is born beneath ... in the Deep Delve. This changes things."

"What? What do you mean?" Connor demanded, discomfort clear in his eyes.

"We must venture to the Maw. The passage to the Deep Delve." Gill explained.

"How do you know this?" Connor demanded.

"The Clockwork King taught me many things." replied Gill, "He took many things away, but in return..." his voice trailed off as they began to hear weapons fire ahead.

The Ashen grew tense then as the sounds of battle grew louder ahead. They were coming to a crossroads in the tunnels and the bright flashes of weapons fire could be seen emerging from the left and right. The entire group flinched back as a huge Mechan strode out from the left hand side. It raised its arm and began to fire at some unseen enemy before striding almost out of sight.

There came a loud snarl and the Mechan staggered back as several Delve Hound launched themselves at it, tearing at its wiring and clawing at the pipes and pistons that gave the machine its mobility.

The huge machine slammed one hound into the ground endings its life in a sickening thud and then reached for a second. Before it could take hold something struck its head and a blinding flash lit up the cavern. They sat hidden in the darkness watching as the machine fell and moments later a crowd of prisoners and Dusk militia men charged from the right to left, joined by the last surviving hound.

"We go now!" one of the Ashen gave the order and they were all being pushed forward to cross the open area behind the charging prisoners. As they ran by Emma glanced down the tunnel to see the blaze of weapons fire and the huge form of another Mechan tearing into the Delves defenders. It had been a short lived victory.

"Not far now." Gill whispered as they moved deeper into the mines.

OOC: Yeah I know, I have been a slow poke :) I suggest that we all converge on the entity emerging from the Maw and have some fun with Lucian. I will have Josiah grab Abilgail and send them in that direction anon.

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