To the Maw

As Phyz and Syren prepared to make a break for the surface, a group from above came through, blocking their path as the fighting converged on their area. For the first time since coming here, Phyz had to use his hammer on a few hounds as Syren picked up a dropped gun to cover them.
With their original plan ruined, the two found themselves being pushed back towards the Maw in order to avoid getting attacked by the seemingly victorious Elesian forces.
Backtracking through the shack town, the duo saw another group being led by Ashen, journeying towards the growing flashes of green light.
"Where are they going? There isn't anything back there."
Before Syren could respond to her partner, another tremor shook the earth, several houses crumbling around them. As it faded, they began to hear an inhuman cry coming from the flashes source.
"Where ever they are going, they seem to know more than us. Lets tail them."
Giving a saddened look towards their exit from this place, Phyz followed the curious woman back to where they had met defeat.

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