Rage was all it knew in this moment. It felt the pain of the Ashen, the dim desires of the Erosen, and the turmoil of the Maelstrom.
The men and women that ran around the Upper Delve were roaches in its eyes, roaches that must be eradicated.
Another tortured scream came from the creature as the wretched screech of lightening sent dozens of militia and Elesians to their doom.
"Great One, we are yours to command."
The head of Fiasco twisted to see two people approach it. It could sense their kindred spirit, they were Ashen.
The Children of the Maelstrom have no master but themselves. I am not your leader, only a servant of your rapture
The voice came to them as a soothing energy, though to the rest it would sound horrid. The Ashen rose from where they knelt, comforted but unsure what to do.

While Phyz held his ears at the sound of the being, Syren had heard it's voice and knew it's face.
"Phyz.....that's Fiasco."
Able to hear again, the man looked in horror at what his friend had become.
"Where is Tezla and Fitz? Are they still down there??"
More yelling was heard as foolhardy soldiers took their chance to attack their destroyer, several rounds reviving it's furious onslaught.
Phyz finally closed his jaw at the sight in order to pull their ragtag group out of the gunfire.
"Whatever that is, it isn't Fiasco."
He turned towards Connor.
"What is that little kid talking about?"

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