All work and no play!

Since the eye of the maelstrom had closed Jericho and his brother had never been so busy. Last minute rescue operations to save stranded crew who ships had fallen out of the sky, reclaiming ship part and materials. Worse was seeing first had all the wasted food … all contaminated. All of it had to be burned.

The days had been long, really long but there was no resting at night. Cleaning, cataloging, paperwork … it was endless whoever thought that there would be excitement in his line of work forgot to mention the mountain of paperwork. If only the red tape and bureaucracy could be tossed out in the wastes. That would be a good day!

Even Jericho’s brother had seen more action since the eyes closed. While normally Jericho would have been opposed to his little brother running the wastelands as hard and fast like a seasoned vet … they just were all stretched so thin! There simply wasn’t enough riders to keep up!

Things had been going well Zelda, it had steadily been growing more serious. What he liked most was she was a career girl who understood a demanding schedule and his had been abnormally demanding. While most girls might have pouted and stomped off … she was busy putting extra time into her ballet.

Finally, the pair had managed to nudge there schedule so at some point they both had a day off on the same day. At the moment, however, both brothers were face down in their beds catching some extra Z’s.

Jericho’s young teenage brother stirred a little, dragging his himself to the bathroom. He passed Jericho room and leaned on the door frame. “Don’t you have a date today.” He yawned.

“I hate morning and I hate you for waking me.Yes. But not right at this moment!” Jericho grumbled his voice slightly muffled by the pillow.

“Oh. Right.” He started to shuffle away. “Wait … “He said his head popping back in the doorway. “ … when do I get you meet this bendy … she a girlfriend now? When do I get meet … “The little brother’s words were cut short as Jericho hit him square in the face with a pillow.

“For all that is holy go back to SLEEP … or let ME sleep! Just stop talking!” He said looking up at brother with a scathing glare.

“Damn you need to get laid …” The little brother said grumpily throwing the pillow back before shuffling off.

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