To Graymire

Phys and Syren were left with little choice when the roof began to fall, the two following Josiah wherever he fled.
Syren was still in a state of shock, not just from the creature that wore Fiasco’s face, but the fact that she heard what it said. It spoke to her on a spiritual level and would have joined the other Ashen if not for Phys.
“Snap out of it, c’mon we need to move!”
The tempest slaughtering the Delve militia and Elysian troops looked beyond the filth it had cleansed, watching more charging through the tunnels to fight it. It tired of all this wasted energy and felt a deep pull in its being to go to the surface.
Looking to the Ashen that had turned to fight with it, it sent another thought.
Flee, I shall crush our oppressors
Hearing these words, the men and women swiftly obeyed, vanishing into tunnels not known to the other factions.
With its people safe, the Conduit summoned a swell of its power to wrench the earth above the tunnels free. With this use, several crystals on its flesh grew dull and the Conduit briefly fell from where it levitated. Taking its first steps onto the soil, it began walking mechanically forward. To Graymire.

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