The Prophet

The growing numbers of Ashen following their newfound leader brought an unexpected halt to the Elysians advance. If a Mechan tried to stop them, it was reduced to slag in seconds, the soldiers being far less fortunate as bullets poured into them.
Reaching the surface gave the Being pause. Endless expanse of ruins, all of which his people would inhabit one day.
A sudden pulse made him turn to the city of Graymire. It was a pulse similar to his own, a being touched by the Maelstrom, but there was something....wrong with it.

Those left in the Rovers Guild were already on the fence about staying. The slaughter that was the Elysian occupation had left them weakened and trapped like an injured rat, the hunting cat at their door. As they gathered themselves to move to a more secure area, there came sounds of battle from outside.
Anyone able enough gathered at the entrance, sending silent prayers that those outside would handle the problem. Only a few minutes were allowed before the door was blasted open and Ashen charged through the hole, sheer numbers and wild gunfire making for a quick victory. Conduit strode through the carnage calmly, searching for the source of the pulse. It was so close and so intoxicating.
As the sound of battle finally died down, he heard the footsteps, as well as a man’s voice raised in concern and anger.
"Emily! What are you doing, we need to go!"
“He is here! He calls to me!”
“What in the storm are you talking about? Whoever is here is going to kill us!”
Looking to the two, Conduit knew it was the woman that bore the gift.
Step aside from the Gifted
The man jumped at the voice, but held his ground. Conduit was impressed at this mans bravery, deeming him worthy of his embrace.
Tate's attempt was short lived, a glowing hand gripping his chest with godly strength. His breath became short and labored as his ribs began to bend beyond what was normal, several popping audibly.
Commendable. You would have done well
Several shards began to glow on Conduit's back, the energy flowing through his arm to begin seeping into Tate's skin. Tate began screaming in agony as green lines grew over his body, eating away at flesh and bone.
Trying to thrash his was free of his prison, Tate looked back to Emily to tell her to run, but froze at what she now looked like.
Her eyes remained black, but the tendrils under her skin had grown over her body. She looked at him with no emotion, though a single tear fell from her eye.
Tate lost hope at the sight, letting the monster engulf him in radiation.
Letting the remains crumble around his hand, Conduit motioned to several Ashen. Understanding what he desired, they brought a large satchel they had carried. Opening the flap revealed several large chunks of unrefined flagesium.
The process was grisly, removing the dead crystals and replacing them, but Conduit bore it all as if he felt nothing of it. As he felt the raw energy course through him, it was like breathing fresh air, the horrifying visage of a face contorting into a smile.
His attention went back to the woman, this creature that had been given a twisted gift. His body glowed green for a moment as rage filled his thoughts. He could only imagine what other horrors had been committed against his people, but they would all be avenged.
Come, child. I would heal you
Surprisingly, it seemed that she couldn’t understand him like the Ashen could. While she flinched at the sound of his voice, she nonetheless approached him. One of his followers translated his words.
“The Great One wishes to heal you. He knows your gift is incomplete.”
Emily was uneasy with this being, it was grotesque and seemed to be using the body as a suit rather than its own skin.
“What..What does he mean…incomplete?”
The pain was returning in waves, making her want to hurl whatever her stomach would allow.
Another guttural roar came from the unmoving mouth, though she swore it was starting to sound like words. The translator helped her out.
“What ails you, it was not given by the Maelstrom, but forced by humanity, yes?”
A quick nod required no interpreting, Conduit speaking to the man once more.
“He wishes to make you whole. A proper gift should bring no pain and will grant you his blessing.”
At this point she would accept a simple concussion to end the pain and the fact that she was surrounded gave her no other choice.
Conduit gently pushed Emily so that she kneeled before him, then he prepared for the process. Once more several crystals glowed and energy poured into his arms, but instead of lightening, it remained as a simple glow.
Kneeling with Emily, he closed his eyes and placed his hands on her temples.
Emily was surprised at how cold his hands were, but that was only for a moment. Her mind exploded as a surge of energy coursed through her, her body stiffening as if in a trance. Veins stretched to their limit with vile corruption now receded to appear as average, no longer fighting their host for control. She could feel the energy changing her, changing the infection given by her mutant attacker into something more. With an internal sigh of relief, the pain washed away quickly, giving her a feeling of power in its vacuum.
As soon as it had seemed to start, the flowing energy retreated, Conduit ending the process.
The words washed over her like an eerie lullaby, soothing yet making her hair stand on end. Taking his reaching hand, she stood with her savior.
Your name?
As she spoke, the words seemed to twist into a dialect unknown to her.
Looking to the Ashen surrounding them, Conduit slowly waved his hand in a half-circle. Each knelt at the command, Conduit returning his dull eyes to Emily.
No longer. As I am the Great Presence’s Conduit, you shall be its Prophet
The Ashen rose in unison, each raising a hand in praise. Then they moved quickly, grabbing supplies from the ruined base and preparing.
“Where are you going?”
Conduit’s eyes looked down in thought, as if trying to find a word beyond his grasp. At last, in perfect English, the being croaked a single word.

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