Repairing the Roost

It'd been a few weeks working among the bustle of burly men working to patch things up and keep the loading and unloading working in tandem and Skippy had gotten very good at sticking out of the way as she zipped up and down pulleys near the large pistons. It was odd working where she'd seen more light than she was used to, being underground caused you to lose track of time, and even with the clouds the time of day was clear and she always felt herself getting tired more quickly.

Zipping up the line again holding an elbow fitting almost as big as her head she wrestled it into place, before pulling her mask over her face and nose and using a contact adhesive to 'weld' the pipes together. The stuff was toxic to breath up close but it spread out quickly enough to become inert and not be a problem for the men around. Tapping the pipe a few times with a spanner. See it not move or shift from its new home she pulled the mask free and let it hang around her neck. "Bonnie" she grinned as she started to fix the pressure gauge into place. "Hopin' the don't sod this up again. Ain't to sure I could fix it twice." she thought to herself. She lowered herself back to the floor to find someone who could tell her what other pipes and pistons needed fixing.

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