From Dawn, to Dusk

Two Ashen entered a tent on the outskirts of Graymire. It was outside of the "safe zone", where strange energies played tricks on the mind of lesser men.
To the being within however, it was like taking a warm bath. The energies fueled him, if only a little bit, but enough so that he could conserve the energy within the jagged crystals dotting his chest and back.
Conduit had made the revolution quick. When the Ashen attacked the guarded perimeter surrounding them, it was he who brought victory. Now, his "children" gathered here, the camp of New Dawn.
Once more graced with their savior's voice, the two Ashen knelt in reverence. Conduit did not stop this treatment, though he did not particularly want it either. His proclamation in the Delve still remained true to him.
He was a conduit for the Maelstrom, a servant to his peoples liberation.
"We have encountered no further resistance. It seems the Elysian forces have retreated."
A small wave of the gray hand gave the men permission to leave. Standing from the chair he sat in, Conduit hesitated as he reached for something not there.
He let the moment pass, focusing on his current goal. While Graymire would be the new home of the Ashen, Conduit felt an undying urge to go to Dusk. He believed it to be the will of the Maelstrom, though for what purpose he did not know.
Exiting his tent, Conduit looked at the blasted wasteland.
He did not know what was in Dusk. He had no memory of such a place. Prophet knew of it and had been telling him what she knew,
The sunken eyes shifted to see her among the Ashen. Her gifts had indeed grown, providing his people with a divine healer. She could both give and take the radiation of the Darklands, while also invigorating the Ashen with a mere touch. Just like himself however, she needed fuel in order to use her gifts, having a necklace made that could hold raw flagesium.
My Prophet, come to me
Turning at his voice, she looked human to anyone who did not know of her true nature. Any sign of her previous sickness had long ebbed away and she approached him with a reborn vigor.
"Is everything alright?"
I plan on traveling soon. You will be needed here.
Emily was confused by this news.. or was it an order? Conduit's lack of skill with communicating made understanding his meaning hard at times. Even with her "renaming", she had yet to see any consequence of encouraging the Ashen to call her Emily instead of Prophet. If anything, it seemed now to just be a pet name used by Conduit alone, except when addressed by Ashen wishing to show respect.
"Won't my skills be needed? There is hardly any fighting here and the Ashen will wish to join you as well."
Looking into the twisted face of Conduit's body had lost its initial shock, but it was still grotesque. Whether this was the original beings true look or if this was what became of it after Conduit's creation, she did not want to know.
You will do as you were meant to. You are needed here, with the Ashen.
Still a little lost, she believed she had found what he meant.
Be their Prophet
"If I am to lead, then I say we follow you. As I am the Prophet, you are the Conduit for their anger."
The glowing eyes pulsed, Conduit was grateful to have someone who understood his purpose.
Then prepare. We leave at dawn, to take Dusk.

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