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Summary: Just wants what's best for his brother.

Kelly Johnson

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Gender: Male

Age: 32

Group: Others


I'll only admit to American


Member of the New Riverton FD


Squad LT. of the FD

Physical Appearance

Kelly is a six foot six powerhouse with a nice tan and a powrful physique. He keeps his dark hair with some salt in it cut short and usually can be seen sporting some stubble. The ladies have been known to go gaga over his dimples and rugged smile.

Personality and interests

Normally Kelly is pretty laid back and a fun loving lady killer. Though lately he has become a bit of hardass to his younger brother cause he wants the kid to focus on his future. He sees the kid as having great potential but is wasting it hoping for a future that may never happen. He'd rather see his brother begin a career that will help him then hope for something that may never happen.

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