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Summary: The self proclaimed Mr. SHowtime

Tommy Johnson

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Gender: Male

Age: 18

Group: Townsfolk


American(something something, mumble mumble)


A job, are you kidding me. IS a top knotch athlete and racer.


Hey, Mr. Showtime(Self given nickname)

Physical Appearance

Tommy is six foot with short blonde hair and a baby face. His dashing blue eyes have been melting hearts for years. Not too muscular but has a nice wiry frame.

Personality and interests

My interests by Tommy Johnson: Babes, money, babes, glory, babes, fame, hey did I say babes.

In one word Tommy loves the ladies and they love him right back. Much like his older bro Tommy isn't one to commit and has left several hearts broken. His primary interest though is to become famous either through racing or as a muscian.

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