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Summary: Masters of Mayhem President

Trent Cole

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Gender: Male

Age: 33

Group: Masters of Mayhem MC




Mechanic, President of the Masters of Mayhem MC/Demolitions, vehicle repair, marksman


President of the Masters of Mayhem Motorcycle Club

Physical Appearance

Trent has a scraggly brown beard and long flowing hair. He is a mountain at about 6 feet five inches and weighing roughly 240. His brown eyes have a haunted look to them. His body is covered in tats including the MC ones. Rarely seen without his cut.

Personality and interests

For the most part Trent is a jovial sorts though lately he often has a haunted look in his eyes. Feeling guilty not only for the lost of his wife, but the brothers who fell in the fight. He does take time to once a year host a charity fundraiser for the underpriveledge youth.


Trent was ready to hang it all up after a few years as president but someone attacked the club killing several members and his wife and kid. Now Trent wants their heads. At first he suspected it was a rival club but now he's not so sure. The MC is hurting and only the VP and Enforcer are the only other Patched Members left. But for Trent it's all he needs. He wants the revenge and will do it the old way. Face to face, no weapons.

To help fuel this he's opened the club up to old ways including gun running, drugs and prostitution.

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