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Summary: May have killed Trent's wife

Finn O'Rourke

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Gender: Male

Age: 44

Group: Masters of Mayhem MC


Irish American


Enforcer in the Masters of Mayhem


ENforcer in the Masters of Mayhem

Physical Appearance

Finn is of average build with short curly black hair and dark piercing brown eyes.

Personality and interests

A pretty upbeat type of guy Finn doesn't let much get to him. Though Irish since coming to America he has lost the accent and grown more American. His interests mainly lie in having a good time.


Finn came to America when he was in his late teens as Ireland was becoming to hot for him. He fell in with Trent's old man and has always been an Enforcer for the MC not wanting the top brass spots. Not a leader at all he is born to beat people up, and raise holy heck. He is also the connection to the guns the MC runs through his cousin. During the drive by Finn knows it was a hit by the family upset with Trent's going legit. The bullet that killed Ariel though may have came from Finn's own gun.

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