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Summary: Sgt at Arms in the Masters of Mayhem MC

Jackson Cage

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Gender: Male

Age: 26

Group: Masters of Mayhem MC


AMerican, anything else you can figure out cause I give a f^^k less


Sgt At Arms in the Masters of Mayhem, One of the Mayhem Patrol, mechanic, racer


Sgt at Arms in the Masters of Mayhem

Physical Appearance

Jax is of average build over a six foot frame. He has shoulder length blonde hair and a goatee. His piercing blue eyes have been melting ladies hearts since he was a teen.

Personality and interests

Jax is pretty laid back always looking for a fun time. He is a big hit with the ladies of the town and several men in town actually want to hurt him due to this including several cops. He loves racing and fighting and hooking up after either for an adrenaline filled night of sheer pleasure.


Jax was one of the youths that the late Clayton Cole use to mentor and actually became friends with Trent. When he got old enough he joined the club and none were surprised when he rose to VP. This is mainly due to the Enforcer not wanting this responsibility. There are rumors he has a few kids though none are quite sure. There sure are a lot of blue eyed blonde kids running around though and none would be surprise. Jax doesn't like going back to the old ways as he doesn't like war. He understands the need for vengeance but wonders if in the end it will hurt the MC his mentor founded.

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