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Summary: The Devil, President of the Satan's Disciples, has a daughter who is a pig

Lars Trenton

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Gender: Male

Age: 54

Group: Satan's Disciples


WHat are you, a fed?


President of the Satan's Disciples/gunrunner, bar owner, drug smuggling


President of the Satan's Disciples

Physical Appearance

Lars stands at 6'4" weighing 220. His short hair is gray as is his beard. A muscular man who can still hold his own in a fight. Has several tats covering his physique including a one of the Devil on his back which is both his nickname and the club patch.

Personality and interests

Lars is usually good nature and rarely seen without his cigars. He loves to fight, make money, and cause mayhem. Has a soft spot for his daughter despite her hating his guts and being a pig.


Lars use to belong to the Masters of Mayhem and was one of the founding members until a dispute between himself and co-founder Clayton Cole. He left to start his own MC and was responsible for the death of Clayton. Though he wanted more justice he wasn't responsible for the death of Trent's wife. Though he has an idea who was. Unlike the Masters who run guns for the Irish and Russians, the Disciples run them with the Black Kings Syndicate and Cartel.

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