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Summary: Rookie of the PD. Lars' daughter. Hates her father

Kate Trenton

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Gender: Female

Age: 23

Group: The Law


All she knows is she was born in the US


Rookie beat cop in the PD



Physical Appearance

Kate is a five foot five beauty with medium length brown hair and doe brown eyes. She is in good phsyical shape weighing one hundred five pounds. She has one bullet scar in her shoulder from when she was younger. She also has a tat of her fathers club on her lower back.

Personality and interests

Kate is pretty fun loving though at times she seems distant. She definitely doesn't get along with her father nor his club though she isn't a fan of any of the MCs in general. She is fast friends with her partner though.

Outside of work she does love to ride bikes and has been known to race them as well as cars.


Kate has seen a lot in her short life. When she was fifteen a driveby on the house left her mother dead and her with a bullet in her right shoulder. Since then her and her father have been distant with each other and it is the primary reason she entered the police academy. She also joined to bring honesty back into the force. She knows the captain in in the Masters back pocket though lately she wonders if this is indeed true or has he switched sides with the Disciples.

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