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Summary: One of the Satan's Spawn, who wants to eliminate Lars.

Marco Ramirez

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Gender: Male

Age: 38

Group: Satan's Disciples




Demolitions Expert, marksman, cold blooded killer


One of the Satan's Spawn

Physical Appearance

Marco is a rather attractive Latino of about six foot five inches. He has long black hair, mustache with a goatee, has deep brown eyes that have a soulful quality to them. Has several tats over his frame, mostly club ink, along with a tally of kills on his right arm. Soon this will move to a new location as it's becoming a few sleeve.

Personality and interests

The quiet, calculating member of the Disciples Marco wants nothing more than to be in charge. His interests is what is best for his club, and that old man is not it. Nor the fondness the man has for that little pig daughter of his. Marco is as mean as they come, but often hides it behind a calm, cool demeanor. Often known to smile brightly before killing someone, almost like the Joker when he does.

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