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Summary: Tattoo artist, connection with the Italians and MC

Rita Molini

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Gender: Female

Age: 24

Group: Others




Tattoo artist. She has some medical training from patching up family and friends over the years.



Personality and interests

A little bit sarcastic at times, Rita has a bit of an attitude problem which has gotten her in hot water at times. Never one to back down from authority she has always bucked against the system


Rita first met Trent when she hooked up with him during a patch over party. She knew it haunted him and when she came to town she never told Ariel of it. Though she did develope a thing with Ariel's sister Bobbi Jo. A natural tattoo artist she is skilled with needles. Growing up she had to patch up some of her family who were known mob members and it while working the MC sometimes comes to her to help. She is one of the few people Trent would trust in current times to do so.

She knows it's a double-edge sword though as Bobbi being a cop may ask her to spy on the Club. She isn't sure who she would back, but in the end will do what's best for herself.

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