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Summary: Son of the leader of the Molini Mob

Santino Molini

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Gender: Male

Age: 28

Group: Molini Mob




A member of the Molini Mob, legbreaker, racer, overall BAMOFO


A member of the Molini Mob who is looking to move up through the ranks

Physical Appearance

A six foot six beast weighing 260 pounds. He has a shaved head with ice cold eyes and stare that cuts through the toughest heart. Has several tats over his body

Personality and interests

A jovial, joking type, Tino is a thinker. He is on a personal one man vendetta against the Masters. He welcomes an all out war on the streets.


Tino is the older brother of Rita and keeps an eye on his kid sister. He wants to protect her, but also doesn't mind utilizing her. To this end he tries to use her to make a deal with the Masters when in secret he plans on robbing them. Hoping that when the shipment goes missing, it will cause a war between the Masters and the O'Rourke family. A professional racer, he often is seen on the streets racing his rides. His favorite is the Lambo he just got. Brand new model custom built for him by the dealer.

Though his father is in charge Tino is not the next in line. But if he has it his way, he'll soon be the one on top. No matter the costs. The old man has grown soft afterall and the other is weak. The Molini's need a leader, who is strong, powerful, and ruthless. All of what Tino is.

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