Big Dreams

Bev walks the halls of the PD pondering the recent developments in her city and her career. One, she had been saddled with a new partner, though in reality it wasn't too bad as it was her roomie. Two, her mentor had come under the scruitiny of the IA and she had been getting grilled for weeks due to it. And lastly since that shooting with the MC, her new partner and roomie were trying to dig up facts though not being assigned the case.

At the moment all BEv wanted to do was solve the case they had been assigned. She makes her way to the car they had been assigned before the Captain finds some other reason to bust their behinds for. If he'd just get off his fat rump once in awhile instead of barking orders while eating a donut maybe the department wouldn't be so messed up in the first place. And worse, he kept trying to fix her up with his nephew despite knowing she never dated Irish boys. She looks at her messages noting a few from the guy as well of at least as a few from Kelly. He was just as bad and she wasn't buying it. Last time they hooked up she learned he had two others the same day.

She climbs behind the whel then waits. Was it wrong to want a little stablity in her life. Was it wrong to just want to do the best job she could. Someday she hoped to run the deparment. Be the one in charge. But till then she just had to put up with all the shit details. She leans her head on the Wheel sighing. And somedays you just had to put up with it all and scream inside. After work she'd head to Olinsky's bar for a few beers and drwon away the pain. And pray she didn't wake up next to another Irsih guy.

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