Nailed It

The greyfur followed them back around and found a mouse probably about as old as Moreau himself. He was tending to a rather large covered vehicle. He studied the situation and watched for a second, while the others somewhat staggered on up. Moreau had put his pipe away at this point and had his walking stick out.
"This why you left them in there so long?" Moreau showed a stern look and then cracked a grin. "Glad you let them cut loose a bit, friend."
Moreau walked closer to get a better look, but let the ladies and Jack move forward to interject.

Tish was not sure what was going on with old mouse Moreau and the Head Merchant, but she was hoping to deal with her job situation first before anything bad happened. Tish spoke up and interrupted the conversation as she smiled, "Umm good day gentlemen....I know it is bad timing on my part but I was really hoping to get do this while have my nerve worked up. So I am Mortisha Leick but you can call me Tish for short and I am a trained archer-scout with, I might add, my own fairy wren mount. I am looking for a decent opportunity to prove my skills and after talking to Jack and your daughter I believe I am a definite replacement for your scout position." The Head Merchant looked at Tish who seemed very earnest and then at Jack and her daughter who looked back at him. His daughter shrugged and Jack nodded as he had already approved her. The Head Merchant sized up Tish and then nodded at her as he spoke up, "Yeah sure kid. Since Jack here doesn't see a problem with it you are saving me a big headache of replacing her anyway. I'll leave the rules to my daughter and the tactics to Jack since he is a pro at protecting the caravan." Tish was happy as she bowed at the Head Merchant with thanks as he half smiled and nodded at her before he returned his attention to Moreau. The Head Merchant then spoke up to Moreau, "I heard you were dead old timer."

Tag (Either the Head Merchant knows Moreau or at least heard of him)

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