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Summary: A quirky maid android who lives to serve poorly

Maidbot OU812

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Gender: Female

Age: ???

Group: Civillians


A service mechanoid for an Ambassador who died in radiation leak.
Her entire purpose is "to serve and have no regard for herself."
She has a few quirks and was inherited by her Master's nephew.

Rank/ Job/Skills

She is programmed with cleaning and cooking functions and tools. She also provides nightly service for her Master

Physical Appearance

See pic
She stands at 5'9"
Her silver skin feels like real skin

Personality and Interests

She is programmed to be annoyingly obedient when face to face but when she is leaving she mutters snarky comments and will deny saying them due to a glitch in her system. Her hobbies include watching android soap operas and cleaning. She can't stand her past or present Master which only adds to her quirky behavior.


She served as a personal maid to a British ambassador who appeared dignified and regal in the public eye but behind closed doors he was a total degenerate and took many liberties with his Maidbot. She still shutters when she comes across those memory files. Now she needs a new purpose and decided to serve the crew of the Rogue Dwarf.....what's left of them that is. Sadly she randomly flips back and forth from a dignified maid and a sarcastic sassy waitress personality. She can't stand her past or present Master which only adds to her quirky behavior.

Favourite Sayings

Face to face: More tea sir? One or two lumps of sugar?

With her back turned: How about two lumps across yer nards.

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Image of Maidbot OU812
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