Image of Bif Biggles aka Jaxx's alter Ego

Summary: Jaxx's nerdy alter ego when his Buff Surfer persona is removed

Bif Biggles aka Jaxx's alter Ego

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Gender: Male

Age: Looks 18

Group: Alternate Personalities


Jaxx's Alter ego when his Buff Surfer persona is removed. He turns into a nerd

He has two personalities and sometimes is forced to switch back and forth under certain stimuli.

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Physical Appearance

Bif is the epitome of a geek/nerd, with large, thick taped up eyeglasses, a plaid collared shirt, a bow tie, orthopedic loafers and flood pants held up by multi-colored suspenders, small shark fins, webbed fingers, webbed toes, shark gills, light blue eyes, light blue hair and normal teeth. Bif is skinny, weak, pimple faced and has a high-pitched nasally voice. His voice resembles nails on a chalkboard.

Personality and Interests

His voice resembles nails on a chalkboard and he is pretty smart yet very clumsy. He loves cheese and is the very definition of a nerd with weak shark genes. He loves science and Evelina Stone.

Bif is a stereo typical nerd and only works to afford his insane hobby of collecting cartoon, comics, video games and figurines from his favorite anime shows. He is very passionate about what is important to him and dreads doing boring things like work. He has little interest in boring people as well unless they can entertain him in some manner. However if you manage to get him to open up, you may find he is a somewhat annoying dork and often finds creative ways to annoy you. He spends a lot of time on-line posting his opinions on blogs of the latest anime/video game craze and is often in trouble for neglecting his work. Since he prefers the VR world over his own he is not interested in real life issues unless they interfere with his hobbies. He is insanely smart when he puts his mind to it as he mastered physicist in less than a month just to win a bet with another shipmate. He has a slight crush on Evelina but is constantly shunned by her. His prize was a rare Tokemon trading card that he treasures today. His favorite non-anime show is the Cooking with Scorpion show.


Bif was accidently created when Jaxx was attacked by an Emohawk that got loose on the ship. He has a thing for Evelina despite her constant rejections and he won't give up.

Evolved Shark Humanoid: They have enhanced strength, speed and senses including the electrical impulse sense found in sharks. They have gills that can filter toxic gasses as well as breath underwater. They can frenzy when ingesting blood or raw meat. However Jaxx is a mutated version of this species and is a vegetarian surfer dude with the IQ of a glass of milk.

The Shark people evolved into a big society over the 3 million years based on the teachings of the "Virgin Mother", which was a lab specimen shark owned by a Lab Assistant who was addicted to Maid Cafe Anime Games. Over time their religion was created by misunderstanding of of the Maid Cafe Anime Games and it was believed that if they found the mystical land of "Anymay Cofayfay" they would be reunited with their "God", the lab assisstant. Sadly a civil war broke out over the message to be put on the magical omlet with the ketchup. Half believed it should have been "Love" and the other half believed it should have been a "Happy". In truth it should have been a "Heart". Anyhow after they made a truce they decided to make two Arc ships and leave the Rogue Dwarf and head out in two different directions to find the mystical land of "Anymay Cofayfay". Since room was an issue they left behind the crippled, old and stupid ones. Jaxx's father was an idiot who ate his own feet and his mother was pregnant and missing an arm. Over time the others died off and Jaxx was all alone swimming in the massive water tanks. Since there was a large storage bin nearby full of vegetables and plenty of water Jaxx spent his time getting stronger swimming and exercising. His skill level in swimming ranks higher than the Orca whales from "Sea World"

Favourite Sayings

Bif – “It’s lesson time.”, “YD as I only do what I yearn to do", “Do I have to?”
"Did I do that?"

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Image of Bif Biggles aka Jaxx's alter Ego
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