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Summary: A nerutric mother hen type mechanoid who is a clean freak

Unn Able OU812B48 NPC

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Group: Civillians


Kryten Series 3000

Other Products:
Diva-Droid Shuttle
Homing Mail Pods
AI luggage suitcase
Series 3000
Series 4000
Hudzen 10
Nega-Drive (the result of a nasty joke by a disgruntled Mamet)
Data Doctor (diagnostic tool)
Nanobots (repair tool)

Rank/ Job/Skills


Physical Appearance

See pic

Personality and Interests

He is mother hen type and loves to serve and clean.


The Series 3000 mechanoid was a line of androids developed by DivaDroid International and built in Taiwan on Earth. They came before the Series 4000 (of which Kryten is a model) and the final Hudzen 10 series, which broke the "series" naming tradition.
According to Kryten, the 3000 Series were a failure due to the fact that they resembled humans too closely. Created for menial labour and designed to mimic the human form, the 3000 series droids were notorious for their unpopularity. Humans had found their exact duplication of the human form to be disturbing. They were recalled and deactivated, to be replaced by the Series 4000, but a few 3000s were rumoured to have slipped through the cracks and blended into society incognito, erasing their own memories of their past and true nature.
Mechanoids are a type of android (human-like robot) designed and manufactured by DivaDroid International to perform simple household tasks for human owners. Many models, such as the Series 4000 come with numerous attachments, such as a groinal attachment and are programmed for daily tasks, such as cooking, cleaning and ironing. Although Kryten had his software installed at "Toilet University", most mechanoid programming is very advanced, including the ability to feel complex emotions, such as loyalty and humour. However this programming also limits the mechanoid's feeling, as it is unable to lie, be egotistical or refuse a direct order from an owner. Some mechanoids, such as Kryten, are able to break these programming limitations with the help of patience and persistence while others, such as Hudzen, have done so due to their sanity chip being worn down due to being alone for thousands of years.
Mechanoids could swap heads, and maintenance could be done upon them by propping them up like a car bonnet. The circular, reflective part at the Mechanoid's chest was a monitor used for display. Mechanoids could inject a robotic narcotic, Outrozone, directly behind the chest monitor, but this caused the Mechanoid's circuits to degrade. Drug-addict Mechanoids were called "Zoneys".

Mechanoids are programmed to believe in Silicon Heaven to make them better servants to humans. They have an advanced self repair system, that can repair damage at the molecular level thanks to nanobots.

Favourite Sayings

My God! I was only away two minutes!
Whaddya Got? Dinosaur breath. Molecule mind. Smeg-for-brains.

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