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Summary: Pilot

Lafayette Chapel

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Group: Navigation Dept & Pilots



Rank/ Job/Skills

Pilot, 2nd Lt.
Ace Pilot, tying knots in cheery stems/unwrapping candies with his tounge

Physical Appearance

6 feet give or take, tanned skin and russet hair, though not buff he has no body fat and is all lean muscle. Dragon tattoo on his left arm.
Wearing either his uniform or nothing but lounge pants.

Personality and Interests

He is lazy, showoff. Enjoys food, music, movies, working out and comic books.


His father was pilot and his fathers father was a pilot all the way back to WW1. Each first born son was and lucky him he the first born. Despite his not wanting the career he still gets that rush of adrenaline when flying.

Favourite Sayings

none right now

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Image of Lafayette Chapel
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