Image of Hologram Lord Peter File Humpordink

Summary: A short, spoiled Royal Pain & Hologram

Hologram Lord Peter File Humpordink

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Gender: Male

Age: 22

Group: Royalty/Government Officials


Elite Snobbery

Rank/ Job/Skills

Assistant Ambassador Representative of the U.K.
Acting like he is in charge
Hiding behind his royal bloodline

Physical Appearance

See pic
4' tall

Personality and Interests

Assistant to his Uncle who loved him way to much, Peter was spoiled rotten. He his more like a royal pain than Ambassador. He is a selfish, neurotic, cowardly, petty, underachieving self proclaimed elitist. He is not afraid to use or abuse his position and tell the Queen if he is defied. He relies heavily on his Maidbot to pamper and protect him, but after waking up he lost the power of his threats and His Maidbot has become quirky now.


Raised as a spoiled brat he was deprived a life of friends and love so he grew accustomed to abusing others. Since Maidbot was obedient he developed a fetish for female robots.

Favourite Sayings

How dare you defy me!
Don't you know who I am?

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Image of Hologram Lord Peter File Humpordink
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