This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

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Character creation follows the standard.

Evolved Pet: Like Cat from the series, pets evolved into sentient humanoids (more human than "furry" in appearance).

Cat: Either devout (religiously uncool) or secular (the epitome of self-absorbed vanity). Made in a alternate realm they might accidently show up.

Dog: A species of trailer park stereotypes. Made in a alternate realm they might accidently show up.

Iguana: Sloppy, slow-thinking Rastafarians. Most were used as foot by the Sharks before the Sharks left the Rogue Dwarf on a Holy Quest. The few left run a Smoke Shop.

Mouse: Gregarious, industrious, and hygiene-obsessed. They work in the Promenade.

Rabbit: Oversexed, domineering, Human-hating fascists. Not on the Rogue Dwarf. They originated on the "Oregon" Ship.

Rat: Slick, sleazy, and hygiene-obsessed. They run the Black Market on the Rogue Dwarf.

Shark: Either devout (religiously uncool and violent) or mutated (the epitome of a Buff Surfer vegetarian). Only the "Mutated" ones were left on the Dwarf as the Religious Sharks abandoned the useless Mutant sharks to make room for Iguana meat on there 2 Arcs. They left over a hundred years ago.

GELF (Genetically Engineered Life Form): As close as the setting comes to actual aliens, these are Humanity's creations that have been left to their own devices.
Kinitawowi: Shaggy, strong Wookiee types without the latter's endearing qualities.
Pleasure GELF: Sentient mounds of guacamole-like ick that look and sound like the viewer's perfect mate.
Model GELF - Beautiful and obedient Models for the fashion industry
Despair Squid - Monster
Emohawk - Monster
Giant Insect - Monster
Giant Space Weevil - Monster
Mutton Vindaloo Beast - Monster
Polymorph - Monster
Psiren - Monster
Space Weevil - Monster
Vidal Beast - Monster
Human: In the default setting, about as common as an ensouled vampire in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Only the few who managed to get into a stasis pod survived. Keep in mind Earth is 3 million years older now.
Former Humans: May vary depending the accident, phenomenon or alternate reality.
Hologram: (Generally) insubstantial A.I. projections of deceased Humans. They are like ghosts with an "H" on their forehead.
Hard Light Holograms: They managed to find technology allowing them to switch to a hard light form so they can touch objects. They are pretty hardy in this form unless their "Light Bee" (a small mechanical device that projects the light and holds their mind data).
Mechanoid: Servitor robots with a bit of organic brain matter.
Series 3000: The Series 3000 mechanoid was a line of androids developed by DivaDroid International and built in Taiwan on Earth.
4000 Series: Kyrten's model. Designed to be mockeries of their creator's ex-boyfriend, each one is a "pompous, ridiculous-looking, mother-hen-clucking, irascible buffoon" with a "novelty condom" head design.
Hudzen 10 Series: The replacement for the 4000 Series, they are both all-around domestic servant and bodyguard. Unfortunately, they also have a tendency to go insane due to cost-cutting on their sanity chips.

Silicon Heaven is an afterlife concept, where artificial intelligences / electronic equipment goes after death. The concept is used to keep mechanoids, many of which are stronger and more intelligent than their masters, from rebelling; a belief chip is installed in robots to ensure that they will believe that they will go to Silicon Heaven after a life of servitude to humanity.
Simulant: Humanlike robots designed for a war that never took place. Completely hostile to humans, these would only work if reprogrammed since they would kill the crew. They are still addicted to downloading data and may get a virus.
Wax Droids: Robotic wax museum displays gone self-aware, allowing players to play all manner of historical or fictional characters. They are made to be the personality of their form but can melt in extreme heat and are hard to repair.
The Rogue Dwarf does have a few Waxdroids on board in the entertainment section.
The Rogue Dwarf Ship

Type: Jupiter Mining Corporation Solar Class Mining Ship

Origin: Earth's Solar System; Jupiter, Saturn

Size: 6 miles (10 km) long, 5 miles (8 km) tall, and 4 miles (6 km) wide with over 2000 levels 120 cubic miles (480 cubic km)
Of the 3000 floors in the ship, most are devoted to cargo, food and water, with the hold containing enough food to last 10,000 years at full crew and massive tanks storing supplies of water. Vending machines everywhere in the ship instantly deliver food from the lower levels. These machines either accept coins, or the crewmember's personal credit, accumulated from work.
For entertainment, the ship contains many bars, nightclubs, restaurants and cinemas.

Crew Complement: 11,169 human crew; Artificial intelligences such as the skutters and vending machines; 400 inmates in the restricted prison on Floor 13, originally due for transport to Adelphi 12

Ships Computer: Controlling much of the ship's systems is the main AI, Holly, who originally had an I.Q. of 6000. Holly usually appears as a man's head floating in a black background on the many screens on board (apparently he modeled the face on the greatest singer of all time). Holly controls and navigates the ship, maintains power levels and, most importantly, ensures the crew's mental and physical safety (or tries to, given his computer senility). The JMC On-Board Computer could run the ship in Holly's absence.
Due to the massive power drain, Rogue Dwarf can only sustain one hologram at a time, usually the deceased crewmember most crucial for the mission at hand. As such, the appearance and personality of the entire crew is downloaded to disks and cataloged, with Holly having instant access.

Top Speed: 200,000 mph (original specs), Over light speed (fastest clocked time)

Ramscoop: At the ship's front is the Front Ramscoop that collects traces of hydrogen in space. The Engine Core powers it, and the Ramscoop would allow the ship to theoretically keep running forever with an endless source of fuel. There is also a large number of solar panels and battery back-ups but due to the massive drain of power these could only maintain the ship for a few weeks without the main engines. The Ramscoop and front is protected by reinforced "carbon-carbon" heat-shields, capable of withstanding solar radiation, minor asteroid impacts and interstellar dust storms, and some form of unspecified device which reduces the force of acceleration, so that the crew inside are not squished by the speeds of the ship (likely a form of stasis-based technology, like with much of the cargo and water supplies). The Rogue Dwarf also creates its own artificial gravity.

Shuttles: Size comparison between Starbug and Blue Midget, the two main shuttle types aboard Rogue Dwarf. Rogue Dwarf has dozens of shuttles (ship-to-surface transport vehicles) on board, of which are divided into four main types. In order of size, smallest-to-largest, they are White Midget, Blue Midget, Starbug, and White Giant parked in the shuttle bays.

Locations aboard Rogue Dwarf:
Deck plan for Series I and II (which took place mostly around the mid-section of the ship) including the location of the original Drive Room, Z Shift sleeping quarters and other rooms respective of each other.
The ship computer Holly monitors most the ship through his Supervision Field
Elevators provide transport across the thousands of decks. For longer journeys, there are also the Xpress Lifts and the bullet train system
Drive Rooms
Crew sleeping quarters
VIP sleeping quarters
Science Room
Dental practice
Shuttle bays
Medical Room
Sperm Bank
Locker Room
2,143 restrooms and Toilets with revolving toilets and toilet paper
Showers and bathrooms
Scattered AI Food Vending Machines
Penthouse Suite
Officer's Club
Floor 341
A Deck
B Deck
C Deck
D Deck
G Deck
Mess Hall
Parrots Bar run my Mice
Karaoke Bar run my Waxdroids
Games Room run my Mice
Gymnasium run my Mice
Hot tub run my Mice
Shopping Mall run my Mice
"Puff N’ Stuff" Smoke shop run by Iguanas
Cinema run my Holly
Botanical gardens
Observation Dome
Observation room
Stasis Chambers
Floor 16
Hologram Simulation Suite on Floor 592
Holly AI Room
Mineral geologist’s room
MAC Labs
Photo processing
Solar panels
Front Ramscoop
Engine Core
Diesel Decks
Water Tank on G Deck - Old home of Shark people
Docking Foot
Diving Bells
Cargo bays (these take up most of the 2500+ decks of the ship)
Bay 47, Quarantine
JMC Rogue Dwarf Customs
Research labs on Z Deck
Supply Pipe 28
Waste Disposal
The Tank, the classified 400-inmate prison on restricted Floor 13
The Hole, a cell for solitary-confinement in The Tank