Wabbit Season

"I really don't know." he said. Looking out side one of the pod suddenly slowed. Docking with a ship that came into view once the pod docked. It had to be there ship.
"I guess we take her with us?" he asked, she let out a sound of disgust. "Why would I care if you are a Gluf or a human You look human you might as well be, and your stupid machines are made to seem human, so Human, Fishboy is the only acceptation and just barley.

Maidbot sighed as the crew just adopted a new headache. She had a good idea who and what they just fought off since her systems database was better than Unn Ables's. She walked over to one of the dead male soldiers who was killed in the crossfire. She scanned him and took a few samples for later on but her initial scan revealed rabbit in his DNA. Maidbot then turned to the others as she put her samples into a bag she had on her and said, "You're one to talk lady considering you not much different than Jaxx. According to my initial scan you evolved from the Leporidae-Lagomorpha into the lapis sapiens or better known as the humanoid rabbit. Unn Able spoke up,"Really?? Well that would ex the big front teeth like a beaver. Maidbot replied, "Well I can narrow it down more after I test the samples, but I would be surprised if her origin came from the SS Oregon that never made it home since the lagomorphs took over and eventually evolved into a humanoid race, whose combination of high birthrate, opposable thumbs and innate viciousness allowed them to become a warrior race that proceeded to dominate the universe." Unn Able nodded as he spoke up, "Amazing Maidbot. They do indeed appear to have evolved into a civilization that bears strong resemblance to a stereotypical Fascist dictatorship, strongly Nazi-flavored based on their uniforms." Maidbot nodded as Unn Able caught on as well despite being a Nannybot. Unn Able said, "S should we be concerned about the ship that left? Maidbot looked out the window to see the bigger ship leaving and replied, "Not likely since are leaking plasma from the damage it took from the exploding pods. Looks like they abandoned this one and are just trying to escape before we pursue them. Judging by their weapons they haven't acquired energy weapons as of yet so they will hesitant to fight us again. However I do suggest we take what we need and vacate the premisis before they make an attempt to bring back reinforcements." Unn Able replied, "A wise decision Maidbot."

Lafayette got her to stand and go with them. "I don't want to kill you, even if you hate us just make this easy okay." he said, but she fought back. Lafayette despite the height difference he put her in arm bar. To keep her from moving but she let out sound the didn't sound like pain. "You must be their leader." she mumbled. "I think I could find a reason to like you." she said.

Maidbot took Unn Able to help loot the supplies as she spoke up, "We will begin the supply extraction while you all deal with your prisoner. I believe we some zip ties and duct-tape in the Starbug." Maidbot and Unn Able began a mad dash to loot the ship of anything useful including research data, samples, technology and important tools they didn't have on the Dwarf.

Tag (Hey guys FYI when we land on the Dwarf, Peter will put us in quarantine, which is in the hanger as well, since we triggered off a sensor so go along with it please.)

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