After Shock??

"Gonna get a carrot rabbit?" Lafayette snarked. Bonbon snarled "That is racist, you monkey." Ignoring the irony in the statement. Walking up to the machine, that she had seen before. "Carrot cake, not a slice of cake and a tall glass of milk." she looked to see cocking that 'told ya so grin' "I am getting it because I want it not because you think I only eat carrots.

Maidbot rolled her eyes up as the organics were bickering among themselves again. In like Unn Able she had enough sense to turn off her hearing and sit in a corner while in battery save mode. It was obvious the tension of the others was high in the Quarantine room and she didn't feel the need to get involved when they were toughly entertaining her. She rather enjoyed the live action soap opera as she was pretending to be offline. It also amused her to see Unn Able get involved and fail miserably since he was a low end model who sounded like a mother hen.


Skippy interjected. "We could use the localized EMP system." she said. "That's what it's for right?" she asked. "The handbook for techs said it was make for when something like this...well not this bananas but if the robots went all coo-coo to shut them off. Could shut them off for long enough that we could get to the console shut them off for realizes." Skippy added.
Lafayette opened and closed his hands a few times. "Get me my gun and I will shoo the bee and we can be done with all of this." he suggested. "That brats whole family was useless, useless on Earth, useless in space. Only thing they were ever worried about was spitting on people they saw as under them and where they could play hide the rooster. Nobles my arse."

Maidbot was not to keen on the idea of the crew using an EMP around her since she was a mech. So naturally she spoke up, "Ummm in case you organics haven't noticed but Unn Able and I can't be a part of that plan since we don't have EMP shielding on a level you will need. Unn Able replied, "Oh are corrected Maidbot. We will have our circuits fried if we are nearby when you fire that thing." Maidbot raised her eyebrow and nodded, "Yeah and I really don't want to loose the memory of being set free from Lord Gimboid. So if its all the same to you all we can help you build the a weapon but we need to hide when you use it......preferably in a shielded room." Unn Able replied, "Indeed........I would really hate to retake my courses in Toilet University." Maidbot raised her eyebrow at him as she shook her head, "Yeah I'm sure that two hour data download course is way to hard to twice in one lifetime.

Maidbot and Unn Able offer to help the crew make the EMP weapon but will take off when the crew is ready to use it.


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