Oh Uh!

Maidbot was not to keen on the idea of the crew using an EMP around her since she was a mech. So naturally she spoke up, "Ummm in case you organics haven't noticed but Unn Able and I can't be a part of that plan since we don't have EMP shielding on a level you will need. Unn Able replied, "Oh dear.....you are corrected Maidbot. We will have our circuits fried if we are nearby when you fire that thing." Maidbot raised her eyebrow and nodded, "Yeah and I really don't want to loose the memory of being set free from Lord Gimboid. So if its all the same to you all we can help you build the a weapon but we need to hide when you use it......preferably in a shielded room." Unn Able replied, "Indeed........I would really hate to retake my courses in Toilet University." Maidbot raised her eyebrow at him as she shook her head, "Yeah I'm sure that two hour data download course is way to hard to twice in one lifetime.
Maidbot and Unn Able offer to help the crew make the EMP weapon but will take off when the crew is ready to use it.

Jaxx was completely bewildered as could not participate in the creation of the EMP gun since his IQ was equivalent to a glass of milk. Using parts from a broken television, a toaster, a curling iron, a palm pilot and a bedazzler they were able to modify a bazookoid into an EMP Ion blaster which neutralizes electronics. Sadly they needed to be careful when using it or they will knock out vital systems on the Dwarf. Since Lafayette had the better record for shooting accuracy he was given the EMP gun while the rest of the crew used electric stun guns with a 15 foot range. using the stun guns the crew managed to stun several Skutters as they looked for Green crossdressing Peter. Then suddenly Peter jumped out with several Skutters and began shooting red lasers at the crew as they scrambled for cover.


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