Sounds of War

Eve shoved the gun into Lafayette's hands not saying it but he knew it was because he was a decent shot. Despite knowing he'd have to answer for it later, he gave her a hug and before she pulled away he wanted a moment. He pressed his forehead against hers. Whispering "Make sure Holly deletes my neural files if I die. I don't want to be one of those things." he made sure no one but her heard him.

Lafayette stepped out holding the gun ready to fire. A few lasers grazed him. The sociopath had turned the power on the lasers down. No more for dealing pain rather then death, they barely cauterized the wound now.

Skippy looked away as the weapon Lafayette was holding discharged, and the stepped forward again firing. He took a few more hits. One even seemed to hit his face but he fired again. All but Peter was left when the gun finally gave out. Jamming would not be the word but the best Lafayette could use if questioned. Ducking into a small alcove in the wall he took out his gun, putting a large slug into the chamber.

"I'd like to say I won't enjoy this but I'd be lying. I'd also like to exchange some choice words with you but ladies are present." he said as he left the gun spin up. "Got any last words or ya wanna end this quick?" he asked. Gun raised to his chest ready to pop out of cover when the git started to monologue.

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