Down With The Queen

The can exploded causing a mist in the air. This would likely not stop him for good but at least destroy this bee, Lafayette took the shot. The moment the light bee shut off the skitters the remained seemed confused. Whirling their head/arms around to look at where they were before all moving on their way.

The drag queen named Lord Peter was completely unprepared for Lafayette's trap as he let his anger control his judgement as he was zapped by the EM blast and vanished leaving his Light Bee to hover for about a second before it dropped and bounced on the floor like a football shaped marble. Now that the skutters were free from Peter's influence they moved about the ship and returned to their duties of maintenance. They also made it a point to fix the sticky soda that was seeping into their parts from earlier.

After the commotion BonBon was the first to come from cover and help Lafayette up. Shockingly she didn't seem concerned rather showing some sort of respect. "I would never have guessed such a small man would be the alpha of this vessel."

Inside the Light Bee Peter was turned off and in completely off mode till reset. Meanwhile Maidbot and Unn Able monitored Holly from the command deck till Holly was back on line again to tell them Peter was turned off. Of course Maidbot made a sly comment about that being the first time the little bugger had that experience since he came from a long line of perverts. She even went so far as to move fixing Peter's program and Light Bee to the bottom of the priority list. She figured she and the crew needed a break from his antics. She and Unn Able told the crew of Holly's recovery and they were working on getting the damage repaired to vital spots. Unn Able also told Lafayette to use his rank to restrict Bonbon to any dangerous areas on the Dwarf in case she felt a bit hostile as a simple precaution.


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