The Other Guy

After the commotion BonBon was the first to come from cover and help Lafayette up. Shockingly she didn't seem concerned rather showing some sort of respect. "I would never have guessed such a small man would be the alpha of this vessel."

Jaxx and Eve were still on the floor as they watched Bonbon talking to Lafayette in a nicer manner. It was a bit odd and weirdly enough it did make them uncomfortable. After a minute they got up and dusted off as they were finally free from the nightmare of Peter the Drag.

Of course Maidbot made a sly comment about that being the first time the little bugger had that experience since he came from a long line of perverts. She even went so far as to move fixing Peter's program and Light Bee to the bottom of the priority list. She figured she and the crew needed a break from his antics. She and Unn Able told the crew of Holly's recovery and they were working on getting the damage repaired to vital spots. Unn Able also told Lafayette to use his rank to restrict Bonbon to any dangerous areas on the Dwarf in case she felt a bit hostile as a simple precaution.

Jaxx: Whoa dude like hey man nice shot.

Eve: No smeg right? If it wasn't one thing it was another. That little goit went to far this time. I say we put him on ice for a while.

Unn Able came on the speaker.

Unn Able: No need ma'am. Maidbot had already done so. Right now we are sending the skutters to priority locations however I am sorry to inform you that while we were away it seems the late Lord Peter took his antics a bit to far reconfigured our main systems. He disconnected Holly from priority systems and put himself in charge of them. However now that he is offline we can not regulate the systems in a timely manner.

Jaxx: Whoa Able why are we in a rush and stuff?

Eve: What did the twonk do Able?

Unn Able: I am sorry ma'am but we are heading for a direct course to a Class J planet.

Jaxx: Wuts a Crash J Plant?

Eve: He means a Class J Planet which is a gas giant planet. We won't survive the crash Jaxx.

Jaxx: Not cool bro. So like wut do we do?

Unn Able: I am sorry Miss Stone, but given our time table we have less than eleven hours to fix the damage and change course. Given our current crew skill level it will take a month to make the repairs. So that leaves only...............him.

Eve: You're bloody joking right? You're just messing with me right Unn Able?

Jaxx: Who?

Unn Able: I am sorry ma'am. He may be the epitome of a geek/nerd, with large, thick taped up eyeglasses, a plaid collared shirt, a bow tie, orthopedic loafers and flood pants held up by multi-colored suspenders, small shark fins, webbed fingers, webbed toes, shark gills, light blue eyes, light blue hair, normal teeth, having a skinny body, weak muscles, a pimple face and has a high-pitched nasally voice which resembles nails on a chalkboard, but alas he is the only one who can fix this mess in the allotted time frame.

Jaxx: Who is this nerdy dude you hate so much Evebabe?

Eve: Arrrrrrgggghhhh!!! Fine!

Eve was made as she looked at the others and told them to meet her on the command deck. She then took Jaxx to locker room and opened a locker when he was looking the other way. She pulled out Bif's Emohawk Gun and shot Jaxx in the back and turned him into Bif Biggles. Bif is Jaxx's alter ego when his cool laid back muscular surfer persona is removed. Now he is The Stereo typical super nerd who's mere voice make Eve want to cringe and swallow her own stomach before she has to touch him.

Bif: Well hello there Evebabe. Did ya miss me?

Eve: I'll get better aim.

Bif: Touché Mon Amie.

Bif looked around and saw the ship was in bad shape.

Bif: Wow you really let this place go. Is that why you brought me back or did you want to spend time with yours truly?

Eve gagged: I think I threw up in my mouth a bit. (gag) Look you little perverted freak we have less than nine hours to get this rust bucket fixed so we don't crash into a nearby planet. So get to work now.

Bif: Not until you kiss me.

Eve wanted to hurl him out into space but she remembered something important.

Eve: So you can't do it then huh? Of well I'll just turn you back to Jaxx and we will escape in a Starbug.

Bif: Ehhhhh????? Come on Evebabe don't be like that. You know I would do anything for you.

Eve: Then fix this bloody ship!

Bif: But about my kiss?


Eve was looking both sexy and angry at the same time. Bif's will to resist her melted away as his libido fueled need to do the bidding of the one he loved.

Bif and Eve quickly made their way to the Command Center and began working with the others on making the repairs. Granted the fact that Bif was a complete tool and a git, he was in fact a genius when it came to science and technology as he was making tremendous strides in repairing Holly and the Dwarf. Bif directed Maidbot and Unn Able on which circuits and modules they should repair in the correct order to make the total repair more timely. He had Eve and Lafayette work on running the scans and turning on the software repair programs as they came on line again starting with life support. He then had Skippy make new circuit boards so Maidbot and Unn Able could reconnect them when she wasn't fixing a skutter or two. They spent a good four hours and were close to making all the needed repairs as they hoped nothing bad would happen.


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