A suggestion from an unlikely source

As everyone made repairs Bonbon watched taking a seat in the captain's chair. "Gravity slingshot." she seemed to suggest, her voice always had a general air of preserved superiority though this time her suggestion seemed like she was trying to help. "You could just get the thrusters powered and under your control enough to meet the gravity and slingshot out." she said still eating her cake, "It's what we would do." she added.

Skippy ignored her focusing on her soldering "But if our math was off, no offence Bif but it would take three super computers you are smart but not that smart. If it was off it'd rip this rust bucket to ribbons and we would either die from fire, freezing in space or being crushed by the sudden shift in gravity added to our squishy fleshy bodies." she added.

"We need to focus. BIF! How certain are you of being able to do the math that Carrot Cake suggested?" he asked taking charge. "I mean, I need a .01% margin here." he said. "This thing is about 100x bigger then a Starbug and if I am gonna pull this off I need everyone to be sure this will work." he said.

"Why are their only 5 of you?" she asked "A ship like this should have subjects...a crew... what ever you wish to call it." Bonbon said. "And why is it so dusty. Do you have to shame?" she contained a laugh, she had quickly gone back to her old annoying self.

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