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Summary: The team 'Spirit Guide' answering destiny's call.


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Gender: Female

Age: 23

Group: The Unlikely Heroes


Rin has a very unusual appearance. Although she does have the facial features of those native to the orient, she is a little paler than most, and she has unusually dull, grey hair, especially for someone her age. She also has pale, grey eyes.

She is very small for an adult, standing at just over five feet tall and weighing a little less than a hundred pounds.


Rin is usually quite reserved, preferring to observe people before she interacts with them. She was taught to be suspicious and distrustful of strangers by her parents, and although her paranoia has lessened substantially since she first struck out on her own, she still is not quick to become friends with people. Despite this, she tries to be compassionate and helpful to most people that haven't given her a reason to dislike them.

Rin can be very observant, particularly when it comes to reading other people. Her psychic powers aid her in this considerably.

She sometimes has an unfortunate tendency to resort to mostly-harmless mischief when she gets bored. Her powers can aid her in the types of tricks she likes to pull. But when she is motivated and has time, she will often be seen scribbling in her journal.


Rin was born to a family of sorcerers that isolated themselves from civilization for the most part. Her parents raised and educated her and her siblings as best they could, but living away from most of the world hindered Rin's development of social skills quite a bit. While she wasn't taught much regarding how to interact with strangers, she was instead taught to read, write, and use magic. When she became old enough, Rin was taught how to use mind reading and manipulation spells by her mother, who specialized in charming magic.

When Rin was ten years of age, she had her first vision of the future, although at the time, she had thought that the vision was just a terrible nightmare. In the vision, she saw her older brother get mauled by a tiger. For a while, she thought nothing of her dream, but a little over a year later, she was hunting in the woods with her brother near their home, and just as she had seen in her dream, a tiger emerged from the forest and attacked her brother. Rin fled for her life, eventually finding her way back home. She told her parents and ended up guiding her father to the scene. Unfortunately, there wasn't much left of her brother and the tiger was long gone by the time they arrived.

Rin continued to have visions of the future as she aged, all of them tied to times in which she would experience strong emotions, such as when she got into a fight and ended up casting a spell on her mom, when she got bit by a poisonous snake, or when she watched her father fall off the roof (he survived, but was never quite the same after that). She started to come to accept that her visions would always eventually happen, and for this reason, she was afraid to tell anyone about them, because she didn't want them to worry.

Then, when Rin was sixteen years old, she had a vision of her mother getting shot in the neck with an arrow, and she came to believe that terrible things were going to continue happening to her family as long as she lived with them. Hoping to prevent her vision from transpiring, Rin gathered most of her things, stole some of her parent's money, and ran away toward the nearest village.

What Rin did not know at the time was that the nearby settlements were in the grip of a terrible plague. The inhabitants of those villages were becoming desperate, and some people were blaming the plague on "those witches in the hills". The toll of Rin's visions was already starting to become physically apparent at this point: her once dark hair and eyes were becoming duller and grayer while her skin became paler. Her ghostly appearance and her unfamiliarity with the geography caused her to stand out like a rose in a dandelion patch, and she quickly drew the ire of those who wanted to blame their misfortune on witches. As she was shopping for travel necessities, she suddenly found herself surrounded by peasants who accused her of being a witch. Her attempts to talk her way out of the situation only made things worse, and soon she found herself getting dragged toward the village outskirts where they were going to execute her.

To her horror, the area where the villagers dragged her to was hauntingly familiar, for she had seen it in her most recent vision. While the executioner prepared his blade and some religious guy performed rites that he seemed to think would prevent her spirit from haunting the villagers after her death, the villagers that made up her lynch mob suddenly came under magical assault. Most of the villagers quickly lost their nerve and fled back to the village, but some of them stood their ground and fought back against the assailants. Rin used the opportunity to free herself, and when she did, she caught sight of the identity of the attackers. They were her parents and remaining siblings, come to save her.

And so it was that Rin's attempt to avert destiny resulted in the very thing she wanted to avoid, for not long after she rose to her feet, she witnessed an archer shoot her mother in the throat, just as had transpired in her vision. This would be the first time Rin used her powers to kill. When she saw her mother fall, she harnessed all her rage, guilt, and despair into a potent psychic pulse that melted the archer's brain. This spell was much more powerful than anything Rin had cast before, and she passed out shortly afterword.

She was roused awake by one of her sister's sometime later. When Rin awoke, she had no recollection of where she was or how she had gotten to where she was. Her family explained that they noticed she was gone, and mother had started to go to the village when she sensed the commotion. She then organized the others and staged the rescue. Rin was then brought to her mother's corpse, and seeing her mother's body brought back most of her memories. Rin then tearfully explained her visions, why she had run away, and why she felt still had to go away. Although they were not pleased, her father consented, and after they buried her mother, Rin departed with pretty much just the clothes she had on her back (everything else had gotten confiscated by the villagers).

The journey was hard, but she managed to walk all the way to a town in a neighboring family before she finally collapsed. Fortunately, a caring family took her in and nursed her back to health. Rin started doing odd jobs to pay her debt to the family and make some more money so she could continue her journey. She discovered that a fairly lucrative job she could do was to be a grief counselor in the form of a "spirit medium". She would pretend that she could contact the spirits of the departed, then when a customer wanted to talk to a deceased friend or family member, Rin would talk to them to provoke an emotional reaction related to the deceased, then she would use her abilities to acquire memories of the deceased, and from there she would telepathically talk to the customer using the deceased person's voice. She would usually tell them what they wanted to hear, encourage them to move on, then get paid a fair bit of money.

Doing this, she made enough money to keep herself fed and continue to put distance between herself and her old home. She continued to have visions in this time, although they no longer featured her family. She had a vision of her first love, when they would break up, and when she would get exposed as a fraud by an actual spirit medium. These all came to pass exactly as she envisioned, despite her efforts to avoid the latter two.

Her most recent vision has been of herself and a motley band of heroes facing off against a great purple dragon. Finally seeing an opportunity to do some good for the world, Rin tried to learn more about the dragon, to no avail, unfortunately. Then she saw one of the heroes from her dream in the marketplace, and she followed him to a caravan where he enlisted as a guard. She then returned to her shanty house, changed into her "spirit medium" garb, and returned to the caravan to offer her services as a "spirit guide", which was a twist on her normal gimmick in which she protect the caravan from hostile "desert spirits", and prevent the spirits of fallen companions from haunting the rest of the group.


Rin is quite capable of using a handful of psychic spells, listed below.

1. She can see the memories of a target when they are experiencing strong emotions, although she can only see memories associated with that emotion.

2. Rin can telepathically transmit thoughts, images, and memories to a target. This works only one way. The target cannot communicate telepathically back unless they happen to be able to use telepathy as well.

3. She can use spells that inhibit a single sense/multiple senses of a single target or multiple targets. The stronger her spell, the more people she targets, the further they are away, and longer she applies the spell, the heavier and more quickly the adverse effects of her magic use start to affect her (see weaknesses).

4. Rin can cast psychic pulses that cause headaches and disorient targets. More powerful pulses can cause more severe mental damage or even death, but these are extremely taxing on Rin and require her to be in a heightened emotional state.

Despite her frail appearance, Rin is in fairly good shape and can be surprisingly quick and nimble.

Rin is able to see vivid visions of the future. She has no control over when these visions occur, and the visions have so far always been of occasions in which she would be experiencing intense emotions. To date, all of Rin's visions have occurred exactly as she saw them, no matter how hard she tried to avoid them. Whether or not this is a gift is questionable, especially considering the toll it takes on her (listed below under "Weaknesses").


Rin's ability to use psychic spells does not come without a cost. Using anything more than a couple of small spells a day will cause her to start forgetting things. Usually, her short term memory is hit first before she starts forgetting random long-term memories. The amount of memory loss she experiences rises exponentially the heavier her magic use between rests is, and if she goes overboard, she starts to become disoriented, losing awareness of where she is, what she is doing, and why she is doing what she is doing. If she pushes past that point or just uses an unhealthily powerful spell, she will probably pass out and wake up with a case of amnesia, although that has only happened once so far.

Rin has been keeping a detailed journal in order to help her combat her memory loss. Sometimes rereading her notes will bring back some memories, although that is fairly rare.

Rin is a lightweight in melee combat, both figuratively and literally. She carries a knife just in case, but she doesn't really know how to fight with it well.

Rin's hair, eyes, and skin become subtly duller and paler whenever she has a vision of the future. She usually feels quite ill after having such an "episode".

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