Interlude: Enter the Princess

A beautiful girl stood in an open window, watching over her kingdom from up high, the faintest hint of a sad smile crossing her face.

Princess Bhrokiti knew that the sands of time were beginning to trickle down for her. Soon, the Raja would send his summons. And when he did, she would be forced to make a terrible choice. To sacrifice herself, or sacrifice the people that she had come to love?

Unless she travelled to Solon and offered herself as the Raja's bride.

Bhrokiti sighed softly to herself. What was her life when measured against the life of a thousand? The time was nearing when she would have to make that terrible choice. Her life, or the life of her people?

Stepping forwards towards the niveous jaws, Bhrokiti looked downwards. Briefly, she considered stepping forwards. But then, if she did that, she would condemn Ra-Khati to death.

Another soft sigh.

She had spent the night restlessly. Unable to rest, she had tossed and turned. What little dreams had come to the restless Princess were dreams of pain and agony. She dreamt of strange, burning red eyes staring at her from the midst of dark shadow. Tendrils of shadows came out at her, seeking to entrap her. She tried to run, but she was unable to. The darkness enfolded her -- it embraced her. It drew her into its depths, forever trapped -- never to escape.

The thin rays of dawn slowly crept into her chamber, and with the coming of dawn Bhrokiti walked and sat at the edge of her bed, propping her head up in her hands. Her eyes were bloated and red, with dark shadows underneath them. Standing finally, Bhrokiti straightened. She held her back up straight, raised her chin. Whatever fate awaited her, she would greet it with dignity and grace. She had that at the very least, and nothing could take it away from her.

Walking to her bedside table, Bhrokiti opened a drawer. Inside, a curved blade lay in its scabbard. Taking it out, the princess slid it out of its sheathe with a metallic hiss. Balancing the blade in her hands, she sliced the air once, and twice. Smiling slightly, Bhrokiti sheathed the blade, belting it on her waist. Standing, she glanced to the door of her room. Opening her palm, Bhrokiti conjured a small ball of flame in her hand. Holding her other hand up close, she ran the flames through, hand over hand.

"I'll kill you Ambuchar Devayam. Then we will truly be free."

With a slight smile, she extinguished the flame in her hand with the power of her thought. "I will do what you were afraid to, Father."

Bhrokiti smiled, and she left the room.

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