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Summary: The Captain of The Exodus

Elias Kruger

Gender: Male

Age: 45

Group: Exodus Crew



15 years of military experience on naval vessels.

Skilled in command duties and a trained combat soldier.



Physical Profile

Kruger is a man of average build with a balding head of salt and pepper hair and intense eyes.

Personality Profile

Kruger is a military man, devoted to the protection and care of his crew, and comes off as being somewhat terse.

He is, however, a very warm person and regards his crew as his family.

Exhibits obsessive compulsive tendencies.

On File History

Kruger was born and raised on Titan. His family was military and he soon joined the Solar Alliance Navy after graduating high school.

He served aboard numerous vessels and fought during the Venusian Revolts. From which he was given commendations for bravery.

His first ship to captain was the SASV Dunkirk. During time in command he proved himself a firm tactical genius during a skirmish on the outer edges of the Solar System.

He was married to a Renee Bamford for six years before filing for divorce.

Omitted History

During a battle over the acidic clouds of Venus, Kruger staged a mutiny and ejected the captain of his ship into the atmosphere when it was clear the captain's judgement had been gravely flawed. He and the rest of the crew covered it up. The official story paints him as a hero who stepped up to command during a crisis. In actuality, Kruger harbors immense guilt for this action, yet stands by his decision at the same time.

He discovered that his wife of six years had been cheating on him with his best friend. He hasn't truly gotten over the divorce and harbors a deep depression from it.

Personal Items

Carries a pocket watch that has been passed down through his family since the Vietnam War. It doesn't work, but holds strong sentimental value to him.

Sidearm: A PKD 5.56 Blaster Pistol, Model 2019

Player Notes

Kruger enjoys classic films, his favorite being Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid. He often quotes lines from this film.

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Image of Elias Kruger
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