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Summary: The Exodus' resident scientist and navigator.

Miles Pendergast

Gender: Male

Age: 42

Group: Exodus Crew


Astrophysicist, stellar cartography, navigator.

Has PH.D's in Atrophysics and Theoretical Physics.



Physical Profile

A short, thin man with sharp features and medium length brown hair.

Personality Profile

Exhibits antisocial and misanthropic tendencies. This is most likely out of frustration from feeling like he is the smartest man in any given room he's in.

Is dead serious about his work and research and doesn't appreciate people who waste his time.

On File History

Born on Earth but raised on Luna, Pendergast was always fascinated with science. In high school he took numerous advanced courses, and managed to skip a few grades. He attended college at the age of fifteen.

He would go on to teach astrophysics at Io University, a job he felt was beneath him, yet it allowed him time to conduct any research he wished.

He has an extensive record of various complaints and altercations with university faculty and staff. Mainly complaints are about his behavior and rude demeanor.

During his time as a professor at Io University, he was embroiled in a murder case involving a fellow colleague, of which he was the prime suspect. However, insufficient evidence and a somewhat shaky alibi cleared him of all charges.

Joined the Exodus project and served as head researcher on the flight path.

Omitted History

Pendergast was a abused by his mother for many years until he left for college at fifteen. The experience has left him bitter and incapable of trusting others, especially women.

He murdered Professor Richard Kind after discovering that Kind had stolen some of his research and published it as his own. While he managed to avoid being charged, he always feared that some new evidence would turn up eventually. This is most likely the reason he was drawn to the Exodus project in the first place.

Personal Items

Pendergast carries a notebook full of notes, most of them mathematical formulas and theories he's thought up of over the years.

Player Notes

While Pendergast dislikes people in general, he is very fond of animals and has a cat named Brownie whom he requisitioned to have put into cryo.

He can also play the violin.

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Image of Miles Pendergast
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