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Summary: A young hacker traveling under an alias in order to join the Exodus crew.

Tess Hopper

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Group: Exodus Crew


Colonist trained in repairing farm and mining equipment.

Mathematical genius, computer hacker.



Physical Profile

Tess is a diminutive young girl with long brown hair and large brown eyes.

Personality Profile

Often described as "wise beyond her years," Tess is surprisingly mature for her age and tends to take things far too seriously. Her extremely high intelligence also leaves her feeling frustrated as she feels she can never find someone to have a decent conversation with.

On File History

Officially on file as "Tess Abernathy," a 21 year old woman with an unremarkable history containing loving parents and a spotless record.

Omitted History

Tess is actually 16 years old and managed to hack her way into planting a false identity in the Exodus mainframe to gain a spot on the crew. Tess was born on Earth to a fatherless home where her mother constantly abused her until she ran away at aged 9. She spent some time on the streets until finding an affinity for technology and math. She then spent the next four years working as a hacker for numerous crime syndicates, building up an impressive resume for herself in the process.

Unbeknownst to the authorities, Tess is responsible for over 8 high profile hackings of top secret servers and computer networks.

She was well on her way to becoming a young millionaire when she crossed the wrong crime boss and ended up with a bounty on her head. To escape the decided to hack her way onto the Exodus.

Personal Items

A small personal computer meant to look like a music player she always keeps on her person, capable of hacking most computer systems with ease.

Player Notes

Many people point out how young she looks, of which she writes off to her short stature and youthful good looks, she is quite charming so most people believe her.

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Image of Tess Hopper
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