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Summary: An alien AI currently serving as the Exodus' main computer.


Gender: Male

Age: N/A

Group: Exodus Crew


Ship AI



Physical Profile

Originally a member of a race of robots, Eko currently has no physical form as he was forced to download himself into the ship's mainframe.

Personality Profile

Eko is cordial and polite in most circumstances, his allegiances appear to be with the Exodus crew for the time being. However, many don't trust him on account of him being an alien AI, which in turn has resulted in Eko being a bit prejudiced against humans. However, he is very fond of Tess Hopper.

On File History

Eko was encountered on board the Zenith war ship that first attacked the Exodus. He downloaded himself onto Tess Hopper's personal data pad in the hopes of escaping the Zenith. His knowledge of advanced technology and the current state of the galaxy proves helpful to the crew of the Exodus.

Omitted History

Eko is an escaped prisoner, a con artist and spy who was captured by his people and sentenced to the "Dark Sphere" a prison for rogue AI's. However, the prison ship he was on was attacked by Zenith and he managed to download himself into their mainframe.

Personal Items

None, he has no need of physical possessions.

Player Notes

Eko finds human culture interesting and devotes some of his runtime to studying Earth history. He is rather fond of films such as The Terminator and The Matrix and will often quote the classic films.

He has developed a sort of bond with Tess Hopper, no doubt due to their similar backgrounds. If she is in danger or comes to harm, he becomes increasingly protective and angry.

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Image of Eko
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