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Summary: NPC Uplifted and general Uplifted info.

Various Uplifted (NPCs)

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Group: The Uplifted


Uplifted are typically slaves and used for manual labor and as cheap foot soldiers for groups who can pay for them. They aren't restricted to any job or skill type as various animal variants prove to have their own specific skillset (for instance, an uplifted who came from a predatory species will tend more towards combat, whereas prey species are more likely, yet not exclusively, intellectual).



Physical Profile

Dependent on the animal being uplifted.

Personality Profile

Some uplifted have been known to showcase bizarre personality quirks based upon the animals they are based on.

On File History

The Exodus has no on-file record of uplifted, with the exception of various fictional depictions.

Omitted History

Uplifted are based on animals who came from Earth. It is unknown who uplifted them and why, though most assume it was for cheap labor on various colonies throughout the galaxy.

Personal Items


Player Notes

Uplifted can come in various shapes and sizes based upon whatever animal they are.

Bizarrely, many attempts have been made to uplift raccoons, yet they proved to be the most difficult to uplift and are thus rare to find.

Some uplifted can be genetic splices of two or more animals. A popular one is called an "ottsel."

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Image of Various Uplifted (NPCs)
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