Cyberspace and Time

OOC - You guys are free to write for the opposition, and I've gone ahead and made some Enemy NPC profiles so you guys know what we're dealing with here. I'll jump in for major plot events here and there but you guys are welcome to take the story where you guys want for the most part.


Pendergast raced through the corridors of the ship, so far the ungodly thing he had encountered hadn't pursued him. So he made his way to astrometrics, he needed to see the stars, figure out where... and when... they were.

Astrometrics was an enormous, dome-shaped room not unlike an old planetarium. The dome of which could be seen on the outer hull of the ship. At the center of the room was a large, circular pedestal with a nest of computer consoles and chairs. Pendergast went to the central console in the middle and brought them back to life. The entire ceiling lit up with a bright blue grid which began to form a holographic image of the stars and planets.

"Where are we?" Pendergast muttered to himself feverishly as he pecked away at the console's buttons.

The hologram showed him Earth and a bright blue line that revealed the course of the Exodus as it left the solar system. Pendergast watched intently as the Exodus ventured across the galaxy, passing various stars with numerous planets. Using the gravity of gas giants to fling itself to the next star system in a century-long crawl across the ocean of stars.

Then the ceiling became a cloud of static snow and the words CRITICAL ERROR blared in red.

"What???" Pendergast's eyes widened. He pressed a few more buttons. The words DATA CORRUPT appeared. "No! No! How???" Pendergast tried doing a work around, recover the data, any piece...

The hologram of the galaxy reappeared. There was a massive gap between where the ship had been before the error, and now. Pendergast frowned, "That's impossible... we... we overshot Alpha Prime???" He looked down at the console and typed a new command. "When... when are we now...???"

The console gave him the answer.

CURRENT DATE: September 21st, 5103.

"Three thousand years???" Pendergast couldn't believe it. The ship rocked as another blast hit it. Pendergast was jolted back to reality, he had to focus. He used the console to hail the bridge. "Commander Kruger? This is Dr. Miles Pendergast calling from Astrometrics. Do you read?"

"I hear you, Doctor." Kruger responded. "Care to tell us where the hell we are?"

"Several thousand lightyears off course." Pendergast said solemnly. "I don't even know where to begin."

"Right now I need to know the lay of the land." Kruger said. "Tell me what we've got around here?"

Pendergast brought up the ship's current location. "We're in small binary star system. Two terrestrial planets, one big gas giant with at least seven moons. We're currently in orbit around one of those said moons."

"Alright, thanks for the update Doctor." Kruger turned to hail Forge. "Where are my engines???"


Tess reached a sort of nerve center, a hub where all the corridors met into a central chamber with a massive machine in the center. Tess was in awe of the sight, yet she refrained from being too gobsmacked as she was painfully aware she wasn't alone on the ship.

What she needed was a map. And upon closer inspection the weird machine in the center of the chamber seemed to be some sort of computer. Tess produced her personal computer and looked for a way to interface with the thing. She was waving the data spike over the thing to see where it could plug into it when it was suddenly snatched up by a silver tendril that erupted from the device. Tess almost let out a yelp but was surprised to see her computer screen was now awash with reams of data.

"Holy shit..." Tess began to swipe her finger across the screen, trying to make sense of the data. Oddly enough, whatever these aliens were, they weren't a stranger to ones and zeroes. Maybe it was a universal thing? Tess wasn't really one to ponder the likelihood that her cobbled together piece of hacking gear had the same operating system as an alien computer. Yet the way the data was looking, it looked like the alien computer was "learning" about her gadget. Like an exchange of data was taking place.

Then her computer screen went blank and the whole thing rebooted. When it did, the screen came alive with strange symbols that gradually shifted back into recognizable letters. Suddenly, Tess found herself in some weird menu with numerous options. It looked like the alien computer had reconfigured her gadget.

"Free upgrade, sweet!" Tess said to herself in a hushed tone. "Time to see what we can see..." Tess began to play around in the alien system.

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