Into The Clouds So Blue

"Captain!! The engines are up and running!! But they won't last long!" Kruger heard Forge announce.

"Good. Helmsman, plot a course for that gas giant. Spool up the Ion-burst, we need to get there fast." Kruger ordered.

"Commander, what are we doing?" Pendergast asked.

"We need cover..." Kruger muttered.

"You're not seriously considering..." Pendergast sounded worried.

The Exodus, finally able to move under its own power, started towards the gas giant. The drones followed suit. The ships Ion drive fired, sending the ship racing towards the gas giant. It pierced the atmosphere and began to descend into the murky blue clouds of methane.

The harsh winds rattled the ship. Forcing everyone to brace themselves. In astrometrics Pendergast was nearly thrown to the ground.

Outside the drones began to lose control under the harsh conditions. A pair of them collided when trying to correct their trajectory. The rest pulled back and took a position above the upper atmosphere.

Then the dreadnought came to a stop above the drones and began to wait...


Tess continued to explore the mainframe, reams of data and mysterious symbols danced across the screen. One word kept popping up that the system managed to translate: Zenith.

"What the hell is Zenith?" Tess frowned. "Zenith... Zenith... Zenith..." After flicking through a few more system files she found a technical schematic of the ship. "Finally!" She copied the files onto her drive and worked to remove the data spike from the weird silver tendril that currently held it.

It resisted, the damn thing wouldn't let go! Tess tugged at it harder and harder until she thought the bloody wire was going to snap. Then, finally it released the spike.

And a loud alarm began to blare.

"Shit!" Tess jumped to her feet and bolted down the nearest corridor. It was time to get the hell out of dodge.

OOC: So the ship is out of "immediate" danger, but we still have some Zenith on board to deal with, the ship still needs repairs, and we need a game plan for getting out of the gas giant and away from the dreadnought and the drones.

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