Stasis Interrupted

May 15, 2175 - Launch Day for the Exodus

"Captain Kruger, all systems are green we are ready to embark on your command." Kruger's XO announced.

"Good. Is everyone already in their cryo pods?" Kruger asked.

"Affirmative, the colonists are packed and frozen for the trip to Alpha Prime." the XO nodded.

Kruger looked at his command crew and a small smile formed on his face. "I know you all probably expected me to have some profound speech prepared. However, I really couldn't find the time. Regardless, what we're about to do here is unprecedented. To travel beyond our solar system and across the galaxy to a new world, to make it home. To start a new civilization. We are history in the making. So let's set a good example."

The command crew nodded and were soon preparing for the first in a long line of burns that would take the Exodus towards Neptune, upon which it would slingshot around it and out of the Solar System and on their way towards Alpha Prime, a trip that would take, according to their navigator Dr. Pendergast, close to five hundred years.

Once the computer had plotted the course, the command crew made their way to their own cryo pods. Kruger was the last one to get into his pod. A part of him knew what he was leaving behind. The next time he awoke it'd be five hundred years in the future, any and all people he knew would be long dead, and he'd be on the path to starting a new human civilization on a distant world. Already he felt as if the whole world were on his shoulders. But it was no matter, he was also very eager to take his place in history. As the deep freeze began to lull him into the long nap, he couldn't shake off the sense of excitement. And then there was nothing but sweet unconsciousness.


Kruger could feel the chill of the cryo pod as his mind returned to the waking world. Things felt distant, even the walls of the pod felt more like a room than a coffin. Kruger coughed up what felt like centuries worth of stabilizer fluid. He fumbled for the release lever on the pod, found it, and gave it a firm pull. The door popped open and Kruger stumbled out. His legs gave out from beneath him. The pods had stimulators to prevent atrophy, but somehow the body still managed to forget how to walk after long periods in deep sleep. It took him a while before he got to his feet.

As he did, his head cleared and suddenly he realized there was a sound echoing through the pod bay. Alarms. The ship shook and nearly knocked Kruger off of his feet. Immediately his training kicked in and he bolted down the corridor towards the bridge. In his head he was already going through the steps to manually engage the anti-meteorite gun batteries. If the ship had somehow managed to wander into a field of asteroids he needed to act fast to prevent further damage.

When he arrived on the bridge the lights automatically switched on in his presence and the blast shield covering the view screen began to slide open. Kruger was already at one of the consoles when the shield fully opened revealing a sight Kruger was not expecting.

A massive, alien, ship bearing down on the Exodus. The sight of it alone almost made Kruger do a double take. It was such an unreal sight.

Then a bolt of light erupted from the ship and struck the Exodus, the ship shuddered in response and Kruger braced himself against the console. So this was an attack, Kruger realized that much.

"No choice..." He muttered to himself as he accessed a directory in the ship's computer. He went through a few more menus before landing on a singular command buried within the system: Purge. He pressed it.

A window popped up reading: Purge all cryo pods? Y/N

Kruger was rattled as another blast hit the ship. He hesitated for a moment before pressing "Y."

A new window appeared: Purging all cryo pods.

OOC: It's time to wake up, crew. There's a strange ship trying to shoot us out of the sky. How will you react? No doubt members of the command staff will join Kruger and try to do something about the ship, but what of our colonists? The choice is yours! And thank you again for joining the game guys! I hope you all have fun with it!

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