Options and Hope

Maxx: Okay Boss. We have a few options.
1) We can use an escape pod, but its speed is lacking and this ship will be able to catch up in no time.
2) We can use a shuttle, but its speed is lacking and this ship will be able to catch up in no time.
3) We can try to take this ship, but we are lacking in a proper numbers and skill.
4) We can disable the ships engines or gravity systems or life support systems to allow the escape on a pod or shuttle. I would recommend the shuttle since it has a small hyperdrive. However we will need a way to access the ships systems to disable their systems from the hanger to prevent from being found before escaping.

Maxx counted his fingers to make sure he didn't skip anything, before he spoke up again.

Maxx: So Boss what option will you select?

Tess frowned, "We need to get back to my ship. Could we take the shuttle and try to get back to the Exodus?"

"It may be possible to rig up the shuttle's hyperdrive to the Exodus," Eko added. "No doubt Maxx has the necessary technical skills to achieve this?"

"Can you do that, Maxx?" Tess asked. "Please, that ship, and the people on it, may well be the last humans left. I can't leave them."

Meanwhile... on the Exodus as it flies through the gas giant...

Amelia and her squad reached one of the ship's main areas, a sort of courtyard for crew to get more space. Away from the cramped corridors of the rest of the ship. It was currently full of fleeing crew members being pursued by the strange aliens.

"We've got friendlies mixed with targets! Watch your aim!" Amelia ordered as she began to take aim with her combat rifle and fired at one of the aliens. The 5.56 round impacted the alien, sending small pieces of its form flying like it was made of glowing sand. It didn't regard the damage with much worry. So, Amelia fired a round at the thing's head. It exploded into a thousand pieces, but the thing seemed to shift what remaining matter it had in its body to form a new head and continued.

"Damn! These things seem to fix themselves!" She fired a few more rounds into the alien. It's body seemed to reassign more of its internal mass to repair damage to more critical areas. The more she shot it, however, the less mass there seemed to be. Eventually, the thing fell into a pile of formless, blue sand.

Good... so they did go down with enough shots...

"Keep firing! Whatever they are, they're mortal!" Amelia shouted.

Exodus Auxiliary Control Room

Forge was working on restoring the ship's downed gun batteries. He knew they would probably need them. The whole damn ship was just so old, a lot of things were simply burnt out. But he was confident he could fix it. He just needed the time. Sadly, the ship's shaking was telling him he didn't have much to spare... And he needed more hands to help...

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