Okay Boss?

Maxx: So Boss what option will you select?
Tess frowned, "We need to get back to my ship. Could we take the shuttle and try to get back to the Exodus?"
"It may be possible to rig up the shuttle's hyperdrive to the Exodus," Eko added. "No doubt Maxx has the necessary technical skills to achieve this?"
"Can you do that, Maxx?" Tess asked. "Please, that ship, and the people on it, may well be the last humans left. I can't leave them."

Maxx looked at the tech pad and then at Tess. He soon realized she had either a VI or AI with her. Maxx ran the schematics in his head of using various technologies combined but he would need more data on the human vessel Tess was referring to.

Maxx: I will need more info of your ship, but unless it is way to different I don't believe it impossible Boss. Seeing as you are in a hurry I will need to take preemptive measures to ensure safety.

Seeing as Tess agreed with his choice of words, Maxx looked around and began stripping his pod and reassembling it as if it was a large Lego toy. He then pulled off a few parts from the other items in the room and combined them. When e was done he had whay looked like a rocket launcher and large metal backpack with a hose connected to the rocket launcher


Maxx then made a data pad from the spare parts and connected it to the ships systems.


Once he had his pack on his back and his pad online he looked at Tess and nodded at her.

Maxx: Okay Boss stay closely behind me and try not to make noise. I doubt I have enough ammo to stop the whole crew.

Then Maxx looked at the data pad as he escorted Tess through the ship to avoid any trouble. Eventually they arrived at a wall that he quickly unhooked and removed to see the guts of the ships systems. Maxx wasted no time adjusting a few wires, circuits and hoses before he inserted a weird device inside and put the panel back on. Then Maxx fiddled with the data pad and muttered to Tess.

Maxx: Now they can't see us on their sensors. They will have to see us live to know where we are now.

Maxx then led Tess to the hanger where there were a few Zenith guards. Maxx quickly shot the two guards at the main door. Each time he shot a round sphere flew out and hit a guard and broke open. The blue liquid quickly spread on the Zenith guards and froze them in place. Maxx then quickly led Tess quietly to the door where he shot the next two guards inside. Since the guards were frozen they could not trigger off the alarm nor could they warn the others. After freezing four more guards they made it to a shuttle and got inside.

Maxx: Okay Boss you might want to strap in your chair. This will be a bumpy ride.

After securing their seatbelts or the equivalent of one on a Zenith Shuttle, Maxx tapped on the data pad and activated their stolen shuttle as well as another one nearby and then opened all the doors on the Zenith ship along with the cargo bay door. The alarm didn't go off since it was deactivated but a few curious Zenith guards poked their heads in when they heard a shuttle engines on. Only the energy shield protected the atmosphere in the hanger. Then Maxx lined up the two shuttles at the open door and deactivated the field. This caused both shuttles to fly out of the hanger at incredible speeds and behind them was all the unattached contents of the Zenith ship including the crew. Maxx ignored the debris flying behind him as he guided the two Zenith shuttles away from the flying Zenith debris floating away from the main Zenith ship. The frozen Zenith guards looked like scary dolls as they floated away. Maxx then looked at Tess who just realized what Maxx had done.

Maxx: Okay Boss looks like they won't be following us. I doubt they all survived being spaced, but just in case I did sabotage their FTL drive. If they try to engage it they will overload the engines and explode. Anyway all I need now is a destination and you can see your crew again.

Suddenly the Zenith ship exploded and could be seen from the scanners and windows. Maxx was a bit shocked to see that happen as he figured the crew died.

Maxx: Well I guess they did have a few survivors. Not that it matters anymore Boss. Anyway I just need your coordinates and you will be home soon Boss.

After Tess gave Maxx the coordinates, he programmed them into his data pad and set the course of the shuttle via auto pilot. Maxx explained it was easier to use remote access since the Zenith controls were not designed for himself or humans. Then he engaged the FTL so they could arrive at the Exodus as soon as possible. Maxx then ran a few scans to allow Tess to communicate with her people on his data pad and handed it to her.

Maxx: Okay Boss since I am not familiar with your technology yet, you will need to communicate with your people about the docking procedures on this here pad. I made it real simple like so just touch and drag like on your pad.


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